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All tours to Vietnam and Laos do never disappoint those searching for an authentic local experience in Asia. With Vietnam & Laos tour itineraries, you will have a chance to travel to Vietnam, stroll through the Hanoi Old Quarter, and be succumbed to the original street layout and classical architecture of old buildings. Our Vietnam Laos tour will take you to Luang Prabang and give you a chance to be immersed in the sacredness of a series of classical temples. Explore glistening and misty forested mountain ranges in Laos, admire the spectacular Mekong River, and take a relaxing walk through the lush rice terraces in Vietnam. We are proud to bring customers unforgettable memories of historically and culturally rich countries with friendly locals, breathtaking landscapes, and scrumptious food within a combining Vietnam Laos tour package.

Indochina Tours operates great Vietnam Laos tour packages, suggested tour itineraries, and all travel services for you to have the best vacation in the two countries. We offer a variety of ready-made tour itineraries for individuals, groups of all sizes, and families. If you do not find any suitable Vietnam Laos tour itineraries below, please contact us now and customize your own Indochina trips to satisfy your requirement.

Top Vietnam Laos Tour Packages & Itineraries

This 8 day Vietnam and Laos tour package covers the popular attractions in two Indochina countries. The diverse culture, the richness of beautiful landscapes in line with the long history leave their marks on the monuments of some most visited destinations in Vietnam and Laos. Natural sceneries, historical relics, authentic local lifestyles will provide you a glimpse into the charming beauty of these two countries. Indochina Tours is happy to be a friend during your Indochina travel package within 8 days in Vietnam and Laos.

Take an unforgettable journey through the wonderful landscapes and captivating cities of Laos and Vietnam in 16-day Laos to Vietnam tour package. Start in Vientiane and end in Ho Chi Minh City, Indochina Tours takes you through Vientiane, Laos and 8 other destinations in Indochina. Explore the delights of Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Hoi An, visit revered Buddhist temples and ornate palaces, discover mystical caves and colorful markets, cruise Halong Bay and the Mekong River and top off your adventure in bustling Ho Chi Minh City. Laos to Vietnam Tour 16 Days provides accommodation in a hotel as well as flights, an expert guide, meals, transport and more. Enjoy your journey!

Our carefully tailored Indochina itinerary within 24 days is a great way to visit Indochina in style and in depth. We include both world-famous attractions as well as places that are off the beaten track in our itinerary. Get ready to surround yourself with breathtaking natural landscapes, rich cultures, colorful history, and friendly locals.

We design this amazing tour highlights two of Indochina’s most exceptional countries. Start in Hanoi and end in Vientiane, with 11-day North Vietnam & Laos tour package, you travel through the most outstanding destinations of the two countries. Discover Vietnam’s incredible diversity: Walk through the old city of Hanoi, enjoy a boat cruise on the picturesque Halong Bay, immerse in the breathtaking natural landscape of Tam Coc, Ninh Binh. To discover the enchanting land of Laos, head to the World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang, visit the sacred Pak Ou Caves, local villages along the Mekong River, and the wonderful boulevards of the capital city – Vientiane. This breathtaking and inspiring Indochina tour definitely astounds you at every turn.

Leave behind the busy daily life and enjoy the 20-day tour with us to discover the timeless beauty of Indochina. In Vietnam, be impressed by the endless as well as the vivid rhythm of Ho Chi Minh City, indulge in an ancient atmosphere of Hoi An Old Town, admire the fascinating history of the Emperors in Hue Citadel and let your soul into the majestic natural scenery on a cruise ship in Ha Long Bay. Coming to Laos, gain insight into a well-known land of pagodas in Luang Prabang city, be immersed into the peaceful and poetic Vientiane capital along Mekong River. All are waiting for you in our incredible Panorama of Vietnam Laos tour 20 days. Let’s check it out!

Get a taste of Vietnam and Laos as you discover the distinct beauty of these two neighboring countries with our 14-day Vietnam and Laos tour. Every day is a new adventure where you get to embark on scenic rides and explore the attractions in style and in-depth. Everything - from the busy streets of the city, mouth-watering dishes, magnificent buildings of a glorious past, captivating historic relics to awe-inspiring natural landscapes - helps you explore the intricacies of these two Southeast Asian nations and create an Indochina tour of a lifetime.

Join Indochina Tous in a 15–day Classic Vietnam and Laos tour package, deeply enjoy a trip in Vietnam from the colonial Ho Chi Minh City, beautiful Hoi An to exotic Danang and hustle and bustle Hanoi before exploring magical Laos, with experience the best of Luang Prabang and Vientiane. Start your journey in Ho Chi Minh City, explore the bustling city and enjoy a full–day unique Mekong River Cruise. Next, transfer to the ancient Hoian to soak up the wonderful quaint streets, ancient shrines and hospitable ambiance of this old town. The flight to Hanoi will continue your Indochina travel by discovering one of the most charming cities in Asia, take a luxury Halong Bay cruise to explore the numerous lime karsts jutting out of the green water. Afterward, transfer to Vientiane, discover every corner of the city, marvel at the stunning beauty of Kuang Si Waterfall in Luang Prabang, and take part in fascinating activities to learn more about local culture. Enjoy your vacation!

Top Authentic Experience in Vietnam Laos Tour 

A package tour through Vietnam and Laos will leave you inspired and impressed with the fascinating highlights of both Indochina countries.

Things to Do and See in Vietnam from Vietnam Laos Tour Packages

Enjoy the bustling and hustling of the big cities

Many tourists have appreciated Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City among the top best wonderful places to visit in Southeast Asia. Immerse yourself in the city daily life is really one of the must-do things in your Vietnam Laos vacation. You will find that much in Vietnam taking place just on the streets: locals eat and drink, get a haircut, read newspapers and chat with each other and many more.

enjoy bustling of big cities

Wander Around the Local Vietnamese Markets

Have you ever imagined a Vietnamese market? The markets in Vietnam is considered one of the most vibrant and interesting markets that you should not miss to visit in any package tours to Vietnam and Laos. The smells and the sights will make you surprised. Besides “market on land”, there are lots of amazing floating markets in the Mekong Delta where you can buy fruits, vegetables or anything that you can not imagine on the small boats.

wander local markets in vietnam laos holiday packages

Have a Boat Trip in Halong Bay

The most famous attractions in Vietnam, Halong Bay attracts tourists by many thousands of karst islands, hidden beaches, and tiny fishing villages. Spend several days in your Vietnam Laos trip to cruise through the caves and numerous small islands and you will be satisfied with the beauty of this mysterious land as well as fascinating activities.

boat trip in halong bay vietnam laos vacation

Relax in the Quiet Town of Hoi An

Standing in strong contrast to the major cities in Vietnam, Hoian is the most comfortable and charming ancient town in Southeast Asia. Hoi An not only is home to many ancient tourist sites, but it also offers a pristine beach area nearby. Whether your Vietnam and Laos travel itineraries include an eco-tour, a walking tour around the small streets and alleys or amazing activities like joining cooking classes, etc. what you can experience will be definitely beyond your expectation!

relax in the quiet town of hoi an tours to vietnam laos

Discover the Pure Natural Beauty of Sapa

Situated in the remote northwest of Vietnam, the misty town of Sapa is famed for its rice terraces and is a great base for hiking. Your Vietnam Laos vacation packages should not miss this place in the tour itineraries as you don’t want to miss the fabulous rice terraces, pictorial mountains, the chance to meet ethnic minority people and experience to live like a local.

cau may sapa vietnam laos tour itineraries

Rent a Motorbike and Explore the Peaceful Countryside

It is said that you haven’t seen the real Vietnam until you ride a bike into the countryside of Vietnam. With a trip to Vietnam and Laos, you will get a closer look into the peaceful and beautiful of Vietnamese landscapes by experiencing local’s activities from the early morning to the dawn of the day. A journey of your lifetime is waiting for you!

biking through the countryside vietnam laos tours

Things to Do and See in Laos from Vietnam Laos Tour Packages

Soak up One of the Nicest Waterfalls in Asia – Kuang Si Waterfall

When taking a Vietnam Laos tour, make sure you include your trip to Kuang Si Waterfalls which is the prettiest one in Asia. It is located 29km south of Luang Prabang. The falls are in several stages, featuring a large cascade where you can jump down into pools below.

relax in kuang si waterfall laos vietnam travel packages

See the Golden Stupa in Vientiane

Considered the symbol of Buddhism in Laos and Laos rule, the Golden Stupa, That Luang or the Royal Stupa in Vientiane is an impressive Buddhist temple, which was first built in 1566. You’d better learn the history of Laos before stopping your Vietnam Laos tour itinerary in the Golden Stupa, or you can visit with a local guide to show you around.

golden stupa laos vietnam tour packages

Wander Bare Foot around the Royal Palace Museum

Set in a spacious, well-tended garden just off one of Luang Prabang’s main boulevards, tourists will reach the fascinating Royal Palace Museum. The museum is well worth a couple of hours if you want to learn more about Laos history and culture. Spend some time in your vacation in Vietnam & Laos to visit the museum, tourists can wander barefoot around and take excellent photos of the museum compound from the Mount Phousi steps that descend to Thanon Sisavangvong.

wander bare foot around royal palace museum vietnam laos tours

Be Humbled by Tak Bat

Alm givings ceremony is one of the most sacred Laos traditions, happens peacefully and spiritually. In any Vietnam Laos tour packages, tourists will be encouraged to be involved as long as a level of respect is maintained throughout. The daily ceremony takes places in the early morning as the sun rises, beginning on the main street of Luang Prabang. Otherwise, you can enjoy the ritual by sitting quietly on the opposite side of the street and use your camera without a flash.

witness tak tat rituals laos vietnam holiday packages

Climb Mount Phousi

At the height of 150 meters, Phousi Hill, which means “sacred hill”, a distinctive cut on the Luang Prabang skyline, is the host to many temples and also the best place to watch sunrise or sunset in the city. Walk up 355 steps to the viewing point on Phousi Mountain to get a 360-degree panoramic view of Laos. Any combining tours to Vietnam and Laos should not miss the chance to soak up this fascinating site.

climb mount phousi laos vietnam vacation packages

Along the way to the top, you can pray and make offerings at several temples. Upon reaching the top of Mount Phousi, you will see the golden Wat Chomsi, built in the 18th century. You can buy flowers to offer for blessings as well as release caged birds. Laos people believe that if you set a bird free, you will enjoy good luck and happiness in the future.