Cambodia is famous for the impressive Angkor Wat Complex, the exotic cuisine, and the rumdul flower – a flower so unique and fragrant it appears in many poetry works of this beautiful Southeast Asian country. Rumdul flower is grown across Cambodia and you can easily admire the beauty of it while having an Indochina tour. Being the national flower, rumdul flower must have a special beauty and an important place in the daily life of the Cambodian people. In this article, let’s get to know rumdul flower and the reason why Cambodians love it so much!
National flower of Cambodia
A typical rumdul tree is 8 to 15 meters high and its diameter is from 20 to 30 centimeters. Being the national flower, rumdul is loved by many Cambodian people present in most Cambodian streets. Rumdul has a very simple yet eye-catching appearance in the sense that the flower looks round and thick with 3 spread petals and 3 that curve inward, making it looks symmetrical and eye-pleasing at the same time.
What makes rumdul different and so unique is the fact that its smell is intensified in the late afternoon and at night. Because of this unique characteristic, the rumdul flower is often compared to Cambodian girls – always appear to be cheerful, full of life, and has an elegant beauty that is much more than just skin-deep.
The rumdul fruit is edible and has a luscious dark red color when it ripens. During the season of rumdul fruit, a lot of people set out to collect this delicious and earthy fruit to sell and make a living out of it as the fruits are favored no less than its flowers. Rumdul trees grow in the nature and it’s not hard to come by one at all, especially in Camdodia. So, next time when you are having a Cambodia tour, don’t forget to give this fruit a try. You may come to like it just as the Cambodians do.
National flower of Cambodia Rumdul
The appealing smell of rumdul can be recognized from miles away. As a result, rumdul flowers are used to make aromatherapy oil and essential oil. The tree trunk also provides wood and firewood to serve people in their daily life. Rumdul has a rustic simplicity, a color that is not as eye-catching as that of other flowers but can leave the deepest impression on people. As a result, Cambodians like to plant rumdul trees in park and private houses to decorate. It’s the impressive smell together with the earthy appearance that makes rumdul flower the common subject in Cambodian literature and art.
Rumdul is very popular in Cambodia as it represents the friendly and positive nature of Cambodian people. If you know about the intriguing history of this country, you will come to admire the positive attitude of the people and understand why they choose a simple flower with an impressive fragrance that become more prominent in the evening to be their national flower. Rumdul are just like Cambodian people – cheerful on the outside yet sophisticated when you come to know them.Rumdul Flower - Cambodia National Flower