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Cambodia Laos Tour Package & Itinerary - Indochina Tours

Cambodia and Laos are home to some of the most beautiful countryside, temples, and architecture in the world. Travel with Indochina Tours and let yourself slip into the relaxed way of life of these magnificent nations and soak up the atmosphere as you boat along the Mekong River and explore magnificent temples in Luang Prabang. Enjoy the whimsy of French colonial architecture meshed with Buddhist temples in Vientiane. Travel to Cambodia to gain an insight into its dark history and marvel at the extravagant archaeological treasures of the Khmers, the iconic temples of Angkor. You will have plenty of time to explore, discover, taste, and experience Cambodia and Laos on our illuminating voyage.

Indochina Tours operates a wide range of Cambodia Laos tour packages and travel services to help you get an insight into the rich culture and stunning landscape throughout the two countries. Various ready-made tours and itineraries to Cambodia & Laos for individuals, families, or groups of all sizes are available. In case you do not find an ideal itinerary, contact us to customize your own Cambodia and Laos tours that meet your exact need and interest!

Top Cambodia Laos Tour Packages & Itineraries

Tour Route: Vientiane - Luang Prabang - Pak Ou - Pakbeng - Houeixay - Siem Reap - Angkor Wat - Sihanoukville - Koh Rong Sanloem Island - Phnom Penh

Tour Highlights

  • Explore the stunning temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and other historical sites in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
  • Embark on a scenic cruise along the Mekong River, starting from Luang Prabang, Laos, and passing through Pak Ou Village.
  • Engage in the Living Land Experience in Luang Prabang.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Vientiane, explore the local markets, and witness the daily rituals of saffron-clad monks.

Tour Route: Vientiane - Luang Prabang - Pakes - Siem Reap - Sihanoukville - Phnom Penh

Tour Highlights

  • Discover Vientiane's temples, Luang Prabang's heritage, and the iconic ThatLuang Stupa.
  • Enjoy a 3-day cruise, visiting ancient sites and remote villages along the Mekong River.
  • Explore Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and the intricate Banteay Srei temple in Siem Reap.
  • Relax on Sihanoukville's beaches and explore Phnom Penh's historic sites.
  • Visit museums and memorial sites in Phnom Penh to gain deeper understanding of Cambodia's past.

Tour route: Luang Prabang – Vientiane- Pakse – Champasak- Huei Thamo – Ban Veuthong- Pakse - Siem Reap - Koh Rong- Phnom Penh

Tour Highlights

  • Experience local culture and heritage of Laos through cultural activities and in-depth tours of ancient pagodas and colonial-era sites.
  • Discover the hidden beauty of the capital with a closer look into the modern buildings and busy street of Vientiane.
  • Taste the exquisite flavors of Cambodian cuisine and explore colorful local villages to learn more about Khmer culture.
  • Discover the breath of life along the Tonle Sap Lake and savor every moment among the rustic living of rivers.

Tour Route: Phnom Penh – Siem Reap – Tonle Sap Lake – Luang Prabang – Phonsavan – Vang Vieng – Vientiane

Tour Highlights

  • Experience local culture and heritage of Laos through cultural activities and in-depth tours of ancient pagodas and colonial-era sites
  • Discover the hidden beauty of the capital with a closer look into the modern buildings and busy street of Vientiane
  • Taste the exquisite flavors of Cambodian cuisine and explore colorful local villages to learn more about Khmer culture
  • Discover the breath of life along the Tonle Sap Lake and savor every moment among the rustic living of rivers

Tour Route: Siem Reap – Phnom Penh – Kratie – Don Kong –  Don Deng  – Luang Prabang – Vang Vieng – Vientiane

Tour Highlights

  • Take a tethered helium balloon ride for spectacular views.
  • Discover Angkor Wat, Phnom Bakheng, West Baray, and surrounding ruins.
  • Explore the National Museum with ancient Khmer artifacts.
  • Take a boat trip on Tonle Sap Lake, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
  • Board a local boat, see submerged houses, and enjoy the scenery.
  • Discover Don Deng Island's local life, temples, and community forest.

Tour Route: Phnompenh - Siem Reap - Luang Prabang - Vientiane

Tour Highlights

  • Explore Cambodia's past at Cheung Ek and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh, gaining a deep understanding of the Khmer Rouge era.
  • Discover the grandeur of Angkor Wat and other iconic temples in Siem Reap, showcasing stunning Khmer architecture.
  • Immerse in Cambodian rural life with a village walk, ox-cart ride, and encounters with local traditions.
  • Explore Luang Prabang's spiritual heritage through revered temples and a boat cruise to Pak Ou Caves.
  • Experience Vientiane's landmarks, from the Patuxay Monument to the unique blend of Buddhism and Hinduism at Buddha Park.

Tour Route: Cambodia - Siem Reap - Laos - Luang Prabang

Tour Highlights

  • Visit Angkor Wat and watch the sunset at Pre Rup.
  • Explore Angkor Thom, Bayon Temple, and Ta Prohm.
  • Cruise on Tonle Sap Lake, visit floating village Kompong Phluk.
  • Fly to Luang Prabang, explore the night market.
  • Participate in Alms Giving Ceremony, visit Kuang Si Waterfalls and city highlights.
  • Cruise to Pak Ou Caves and explore Luang Prabang.

Top Awesome Things to Do and See in Cambodia Laos Tours 

Cambodia and Laos are the two hidden gems of the former French Indochina, allowing tourists to see some awe-inspiring natural beauty and stunning architecture in pure tranquility. If you want to look for the strange feeling, Indochina tour packages, tours to Cambodia and Laos in particular, have the best destinations to satisfy the explorer inside you.

Things to Do and See in Cambodia from Cambodia Laos Tour Packages

Sunset Angkor Wat, Cambodia Laos Tours - Indochina Trips

Sunrise/ Sunset at Angkor Wat

There is something magical about witnessing this ancient city come to life as you watch the sun slowly rise above. Indochina Tours recommends you should come early and find a spot that you like. You can pre-arrange for a tuk-tuk to come to pick you a day before. You should leave your guesthouse around 4:45 and scope out the area that will give you the best reflection shot possible. However, don’t be too consumed by taking the perfect shot that you forget to enjoy the moment and the experience. Also, sunsets are spectacular and worth doing in your Cambodia and Laos tour packages as well.

Gibbon Spotting, Cambodia Laos Tours - Indochina Trips

Gibbon Spotting

Apart from discovering Cambodia highlights, if you are looking for some fun outdoor activities to do, Gibbon spotting has become extremely popular. Imagine trapesing through the forest, the musky smell of humidity hanging in the air and the sound of animal calls in the distance. All of a sudden, your Cambodia Laos tours will come across a family of the incredibly rare northern yellow-cheeked gibbons in their natural surroundings. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, passionate about animals or just enjoy sustainable travel and eco-adventures, these amazing activities must be included in your Cambodia and Laos tour package!

Microlight Flight, Cambodia Laos Tours - Indochina Trips

Microlight Flight Above Cambodia

The perfect way to round off a temple experience in Cambodia from your package tours to Cambodia and Laos is taking to the air for the ultimate flying experience. It’s also a wonderful way to observe the whole of Cambodia. The country with incredible landscapes, tourists can fly over lush jungles, flooded forests, the floating villages, pristine beaches, and even the bustling markets in the city. All you need for this fascinating activity is a Microlight Aircraft and an experienced pilot to take you!

Cambodia’s Marine Life, Cambodia Laos Tours - Indochina Trips

Explore Cambodia’s Marine Life

Like many land adventures, Cambodia also offers plenty of excitement beneath the surface of its waters. As you never know what you may find under the water, and the sea life is so diverse and ever-changing with the current, the excitement will stay with you throughout the dive. With its tropical waters teeming with marine life and stunning coral reefs, Cambodia has a great reputation for being a great scuba diving destination.

Killing Fields, Cambodia Laos Tours - Indochina Trips

Visit the Killing Fields

For one of the most fascinating experiences, your Cambodia Laos tours should stop at the killing fields in the city of Phnom Penh. You will have a chance to admire thousands of skulls and bones which were unearthed from the hundreds of Cambodian Killing Fields in the area. It nowadays stands as a monument to showcase Cambodia’s gruesome past when the Khmer Rouge terrorized and murdered their fellow Cambodians.

Khmer Cuisine, Cambodia Laos Tours - Indochina Trips

Have a Go at Trying Khmer Cuisine

Despite the popularity of Thai and Vietnamese foods, Khmer cuisine is worth trying out on any trips to Cambodia and Laos. They have unique flavors which are surprisingly good. Fish Amok is a popular dish baked with lemongrass, chili, and coconut cream served with a steaming plate of hot rice. Besides, you also have crabs from Kep which is often seasoned with Kampot pepper. Traditional snacks such as noodles and roasted crickets are also popular in Cambodia.

Things to Do and See in Laos from Cambodia Laos Tour Packages

Wat Xieng Thong, Cambodia Laos Tours - Indochina Vacations

Explore the Historic Temples

Like many Asian countries, Laos has no storage of stunning temples to be admired and explored. If you want to escape the tourists' hordes and appreciate the architecture, spend some day in your Cambodia and Laos tour itinerary in the temples of some genuine peace and quiet. A popular place to come and listen to the monks at prayers is the Golden City Temple (Wat Xieng Thong), located in the old quarter of Luang Prabang. Or you can take a boat ride down the Mekong River and climb to the top of the hill to see the stunning Wat Phu and mountain views.

Luang Prabang Night Market -Indochina tour packages

Wander around the Luang Prabang Night Market

With thousands of tents selling colorful products, night market in Luang Prabang is a great place for you to spend a couple of hours in your tours to Cambodia and Laos observing, buying, exploring and getting lost. Stumble on something you like such as the handmade scarf, rice vodka or the local Laos coffee. You can have dinner at one of the local restaurants of food stalls nearby. Tourists also can walk around the Morning Market in Luang Prabang. With cool and fresh weather, friendly food vendors and unique street foods, it’s the best way to start the day.

Kong Lor Cave, Cambodia Laos Vacations - Indochina Tours

Venture Through the Underground River Caves

Tourists can easily spend a few hours at any of the caves in Laos, but Kong Lor Cave is recommended is on the top list of tour itineraries to Cambodia and Laos. It is a new region for tourism and a part of the Khammouane Khast National Protected Area which the natural beauty of the cave and the surrounding mountains are completely unspoiled. Take a boat trip through the cave by flashlight and explore its mysteries as you walk through lit passageways. You also can cliff jump and relax by swimming at your own leisure.

Alms Giving Ceremony of the Monks, Cambodia Laos Trips - Indochina Tours

Experience the Alms Giving Ceremony of the Monks

For a completely local and bumbling experience, get up early and bright to observe the Alms Giving Ceremony right in the heart of Luang Prabang. Prepare boxes of rice or biscuits to participate in the ceremony or just sit back and watch in awe. The procession will start on the main street near Wat Xieng Thong, where hundreds of monks will walk through the streets lined receiving offerings from the locals. It is an extremely moving experience that cannot be missed in any tour packages to Cambodia and Laos, regardless of your religion and is not to be missed if you are in Luang Prabang.

Kuang Si Waterfalls, Cambodia Laos Tours - Indochina Trips

Swim in the Refreshing Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a welcome reprieve from the heat and the humidity, not to mention breathtaking beauty. For picturesque swimming, head to Tad Sae waterfall where you can relax on the rocks or take a dip in one of the turquoise pools. Set aside a day in your Cambodia Laos tour for the waterfalls as you will regret not being able to stay longer. So when you visit the waterfalls on your Cambodia Laos tour, take a moment to appreciate not just their physical beauty, but also the cultural and spiritual significance that they hold for the people of the region.

Tubing in Vang Vieng, Cambodia Laos Trips - Indochina Tours

Tubing in Vang Vieng

No longer is Vang Vieng the hedonistic jungle town it used to be. It is nowadays a calm center for outdoor adventure, jungle hikes, and lazy days cooling off in the river. Tourists can experience to float down the river on a tube, hike around the mountains one explore the caves. The little town is rebranding itself to make the most out of its surroundings but tubing is still very much a part of it. Travel to Cambodia and Laos and stop in Vang Vieng with an open mind, chill for a few days and do a little tubing.