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The diversity of culture, nature and architecture among Indochina countries promises loads of thrilling and enthralling things to do and to see and to experience. Therefore, there is no reason to not to join Indochina tours which have more than to see than anyone can imagine. Explore this little big Indochina to fill your trip with colors, there is no better way than equip yourself with top travel tips and advice. We – tours experts and specialists with real experience – help you update best things with secret formula for your own awe-inspiring travel. Full details embracing accommodation, transportation, cuisine, culture, popular activities and restaurants will in included in order to provide best travel guides varying in different tour aspect – regardless of adventure travel or relaxation of all prices and incomes.
Travel with us and discover wonderful tips on what to do and to see, where to stay and when to travel to follow in-depth tips. Hence, those smart travel tips would exceed your expectation and offer luxury beyond your wildest dream.

What is the Weather Like in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos?

What is the Weather Like in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos?

It is true to say that weather and climate play a vital role in every travel. To make your Indochina tour packages amazing, browse the information below to gain a deeper understanding of the weather and climate of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Vietnam Weather & Climate In common, Vietnam has a tropical clime with average […]

Top 3 Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand to Visit in 2020

Top 3 Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand to Visit in 2020

Thailand is the paradise of elephants and seeing these enormous creatures is the top things to do when you travel to Thailand. Visiting the following sanctuaries you not only can ride elephants but can seek elephant bases, where will offer tourists a natural, ethical but authentic way to interact with the elephants. Indochina tours is […]

12 Public Holidays & Traditional Festivals 2021 in Vietnam

12 Public Holidays & Traditional Festivals 2021 in Vietnam

A wondrous amalgam of stunning natural beauty, amazing skyscrapers, and unique cultures is the country of Vietnam. Traditional festivals have long been considered the spiritual culture of Vietnam that have been created, maintained and developed by many generations. The rich history and various artistic manifestations of Vietnam are best reflected in its festivals. Here are […]

Top 4 Fascinating Water Festivals in Southeast Asia

Top 4 Fascinating Water Festivals in Southeast Asia

Every country in the world has a traditional New Year Festival with their customs and unique rituals. Countries in Indochina such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand often celebrate the New Year following Buddhist calendar with the traditional water festival in the middle of April. Taking place at the same time period…

How to Travel between Vietnam & Cambodia?

How to Travel between Vietnam & Cambodia?

Vietnam and Cambodia share a long border on the Indochina Peninsula. Both countries pride themselves on attractive tourist and rich unique culture offer. In either country, you will encounter friendly locals, impressive attractions and tasty cuisine. Traveling between two countries is remarkably easy, with a variety of ways to travel, including flights, buses, cars, and […]

Vietnamese Traditional Musical Instruments

Vietnam traditional musical instrument

Vietnam is a country with a repertory of traditional musical instruments formed along the length of the history of the country. There are musical instruments created domestically with local characteristics, and there are the ones imported from many different places but was nationalized as well as localized to suit the musical aesthetics of Vietnam. It […]

Indochina Currency – Vietnamese – Laos – Cambodian Currency Guides

Indochina Currency – Vietnamese – Laos – Cambodian Currency Guides

Before an Indochina tour, there is a necessity to learn about the currencies of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia because the local people normally use their own currencies for daily commercial transactions and you may suffer the unequal exchange rate if you use your national currency to buy something. Vietnamese currency and converter Vietnamese Dong (VND) […]

Greeting Custom in Cambodia

Greeting Custom in Cambodia

Coming to Cambodia, tourists will find it interesting to learn and practice the greeting custom of the local people that is much different from the western countries or even many Asian nations. Greeting etiquette has shown the unique culture of the Cambodian that has been created and remained throughout the generations. How to greet in […]

Greeting Custom in Vietnam

Greeting Custom in Vietnam

Do you ask yourself: How to greet in Vietnamese before visiting this beautiful country? Vietnam is the nation that appreciates the hierarchy, which is obviously represented by the greetings custom. In order to show your enthusiasm and respect to Vietnamese culture, you are recommended to learn about the Vietnamese greetings. How to say “hello” in […]

Vietnam Transportation & Getting Around

Travel by Cruise boat in Halong Bay

Transportation in Vietnam includes a variety of vehicles that support the development of Vietnamese tourism industry. The country has become an attractive destination that tourists should set the step onto because of its glorious nature-created landscapes, hospitable and friendly local people and uniquely traditional cuisine. If you really want to visit this beautiful land, but […]

Vietnamese Traditional Costumes

Vietnam traditional costume

Refer to Vietnamese Traditional Costumes, people often immediately think of ao dai. However, there are 54 ethnic groups in this beautiful country, and of course each one has its traditional costumes with the distinct style. Normally, the plain people in Vietnam have the tendency to wear garments with modest colors and simple patterns, whereas ethnic […]

All about New Year Festivals in 3 Indochina Countries

The grandma guide her child how to bath the Buddha in Bunpimay, Laos

Despite unlike step by step, New Year festivals occurring in Indochina comprising Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia have the same spirit that is always overwhelmed by religious rituals and busting cultural activities to say goodbye to the passing old year with the bad fortune and to greet the coming new year with new success. Tet Holiday […]

The Most Unique Laotian Cuisines

Beer Laos

Explore Laos, besides discovering breathtaking sceneries, no sightseer can refuse the chance to enjoy delicious street foods-the highlight of the adventure. The uniqueness of Laotian dishes is their light bitterness, the diversified recipes along with special used ingredients. It is no doubt that the combination with spices, sweets and sours makes the irresistible flavours of […]

The Most Stunning Cambodian Islands to Visit

The most stunning Cambodian islands to visit

After touring wonderful Vietnam and stunning Laos and then heading to Cambodia in an Indochina tour package, that is no wonder that tourists will be sunk in the natural beauty of untouched Cambodian islands which is considered as the priceless hidden gems of Indochina. Nothing is better than diving and snorkeling in turquoise-green water of […]

Electricity and Shortages in Indochina

Electricity and shortages in Indochina

A hard-solving question is posed which is about the access to electricity supply whenever tourists plan a trip to Indochina for the first time. Do they have to endure power outages? Is the electricity served in every captivating locations travelers visit? The power conditions and shortages in three nations in the Indochinese Peninsula is in […]

Need-to-know Etiquette in Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia

Etiquette in Indochina

In a packaged Indochina tour, travelers should be conscious of the countries’ must-know social rules since no one wants to displease the friendly inhabitants due to the lack of basic knowledge of local etiquettes. For better communication with the residents of 3 captivating countries, acknowledge yourself with the lists of proper must-follow manners as recommended […]

Useful Words & Phrases for Visitors to Indochina

Hello Vietnam

Learning the national languages of each destinations of Indochina is not required, especially when travelers sightsee Indochina with the assistance of a professional tour guide; however, it is beneficial to pick up basic Lao, Khmer and Vietnamese words, phrases and expressions well in hand. Although the crash understanding of these languages will not turn tourists […]

Religions in Indochina

Religions in Indochina

VIETNAM – Mahayana Buddhism Buddhism is the predominant religion in Vietnam, especially Mahayana Buddhism which is the most significant in Vietnamese religious life. The origin of Buddhism in Vietnam was from the second century B.C by the Chinese immigrants and the Indian clergies coming by sea. Under Ly dynastry (1010-1214), Buddhism became the state religion […]

Greeting Culture in Laos

Like other Indochina countries, Laos attracts tourists with its ancient beauty, unique culture and custom as well as authentic local experiences. Traveling to Laos, you will have a chance to meet and communicate local people. Preparing several common words or phrases is highly recommended before taking a Laos tour package as a friendly greeting will […]

Festival Highlights in Indochina

Festivals in Indochina

1. Bunpimay Water Festival in Laos The traditional water festival of Laos called Bunpimay festival usually takes place from April 13 to April 15 each year according to the Buddhist calendar. The festival has a meaning of bringing coolness and prosperity to all and purity of human life. On New Year’s Day, people often splash […]

Vietnam Visa Exemption

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Guests enter Vietnam must have a passport or papers of value replacement passport and a valid visa issued by the competent authorities of Vietnam, except in cases of visa exemption. There are certain number of countries may have Vietnam Visa Exemption for a period of time. Here under is the list of countries and regions […]

Cambodia Visa Exemption

Cambodia visa stamp in passport

Tourism in both Myanmar and Cambodia is likely to receive a boost from a visa exemption agreement. And Myanmar citizens will be also permitted to visit Cambodia for up to 14 days without a visa and vice versa under the agreement. Cambodia Visa Regulations – Under the provisions of the Immigration Department of Cambodian, citizens […]

Laos Visa Exemption

Visa to Laos

When taking tours in Laos, the following countries are exempt from visa: Japan, Korea, Russia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, most ASEAN countries, as well as for older people aged over 65 and children less than 15 years. If not spending more than 30 days in the country of Laos, citizens of those countries and people in that […]

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

Actually there is no something called best time or worst time to visit Vietnam as the climate of this country is harmonious on the whole. The best time pretty depends on where you want to go. Below is the best time to visit each exact tourist attraction. Hanoi Spring that happens in March and April […]

Tipping in Indochina?

Tipping is necessary when traveling

Tipping is not obligatory but it is markedly appreciated throughout Indochina, especially in the service industry. We suggest you a general guideline below. Tour Guide/Drivers If you are satisfied with the services provided by your tour guide and driver, then a tip for their hard work will be greatly appreciated. In general, we recommend around […]