Vietnam & Cambodia Tour – 21 Days

Vietnam & Cambodia Tour is promised to give you a ton of new feeling and interesting surprises. Our 21-day Indochina travel package will take you to the poetic Hanoi capital of Vietnam. You also have a chance to take a cruise tour in magnificent Halong Bay. Coming to Hoi An, you can wander around the town to admire the ancient architecture and sample the mouthwatering local cuisine. It’s awesome to hit the stunning beaches in Nha Trang before heading to the bustling Ho Chi Minh City. Your Indochina trip also includes a visiting Mekong Delta with the unique Cai Rang floating market. Say goodbye the S-shaped country, you will set your foot on Phnom Penh to visit some historic buildings. Relax on beautiful Koh Rong Island and appreciate the ancient beauty of Angkor area which is the architectural masterpiece of Cambodia. With our Indochina travel package, you will have a memorable vacation with a ton of wonderful experiences.