The best time to take a trip to Indochina might be affected by several factors, but as far as we’re concerned, the most important thing is the weather. Of course, you can travel Indochina at any time of the year. It totally depends on your interest, what you want from the trip and your preferences are. Also, everyone has their favorite season. Therefore, let’s begin with a quick glance at the weather condition in Indochina so that you can make a clear plan.
The climates in the three Indochina countries (meaning Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia) are relatively similar. There are two main seasons in Indochina: the rainy season, from May to October, sometimes November and the dry season, from December to April.

Sunset Over Angkor Temple

Sunset Over Angkor Temple

Nevertheless, Indochina is a large area with a variety of climates among regions, consequently, you might easily find the agreeable weather for yourselves. If you do not mind being caught in the rain, wet season may be for you. On the other hand, if you are a sunshine lover and desire to lay on the gorgeous beaches for sunbathing, you may pick the contrary.
Because each season has its own positive aspects as well as negative ones, it is necessary to know the detail information of weather for each region.

Best time to travel to Vietnam

North Vietnam

North Vietnam has two distinct seasons: a cool, dry winter (November – March) and a hot, humid summer (April – October). The lowest temperature of the year occurs in December- February when Hanoi sees the average temperature of about 20°C. The highest temperature is to be witnessed in May-August, with an average high of up to 32°C.
In the northern mountainous area, the climate is different. It can be extremely cold in December and January (sometimes even see snow), and the rainy season from May to September which can make travel quite difficult. The best time of year is from September to November and March to May.

Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam has a hot and dry weather from about January until August, with the temperature remains quite warm throughout the rest of the year. In this region, the rainy season falls in the months of September to December, with incidental storms in October and November.

South Vietnam

The temperature throughout the year in South Vietnam is almost unchanged, with the average daily high of about 30-35°C all year round. The hottest months are usually March and April, and the coolest in December. From December to April, rain seems not to happen, while the rainy season sweeps in from May until October, particularly in November. The rains are usually short and heavy, and storms seldom occur.

Best time to visit Laos

Because of having no coastline, Laos has a simpler climate than Vietnam. There are only two clear seasons which are experienced at approximately at the same time throughout the country: the wet (May to September) and the dry (October to April). The temperature has a tendency to be hottest from March to May, while December sees the coolest temperature with an average high of no less than 25°C. At all time of the year, highland areas are remarkably fresher than lowland.

Best time to visit Cambodia

It can be said that Cambodia has the simplest weather system in Southeast Asia, with just two seasons and very few differences among regions. The dry season expands from October to late April, whereas, the wet season is from May to September. The hottest period is often from February to June, with an average high of around 32-35°C, while the time from October to December is the coolest – with an average high of a very balmy 28°C.