Not long ago, Cambodian government has invited Japanese expects to carry out a survey to turn a mangrove forest in Koh Kong Province into an ecotourism site.
The agreement was discussed by Japanese Ambassador, Hidehisa Horinouchi and Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism.
Cambodia is planning to open a series of nature-friendly destinations that provide soft activities or ecotourism service.

Ecotourism Focus In Koh Kong

New eco-friendly resorts in Koh Kong

The study was conducted with the aim to find out the good ideas to make the southeast coastal areas more attractive.
These days, Cambodia needs further investment in term of tourism, especially in hotels and tourist products.
According to Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism, the province located to the southeast of Cambodia – Koh Kong, hides a very huge potential in tourism thanks to gorgeous natural landscapes of vast mangrove forests, gentle rivers, and full-of-sunshine tropical islands. Moreover, the province is rather close to the border with Thailand that’s definitely a more advantage for Koh Kong.

Ecotourism Focus In Koh Kong

Koh Kong beach

Tourists can easily reach Koh Kong from Hat Lek or Cham Yeam border checkpoints in the eastern Thailand; either option is from the port and beach resort town of Sihanoukville which owns more than 17 casinos.
In fact, Cambodia’s tourism ministry promotes foreign tourists to visit coastal towns and ecotourism sites to reduce the pressure for Siem Reap, which reigns Cambodia’s tourism.