In recent time, a stunning new cave was accidentally discovered in Vang Village, Hoang Tri Commune, Ba Be District, Bac Can Province while a guy was finding a new trekking road for foreign tourists.
After the detection, he wrote a report to Department of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Bac Kan Province and the local authorities decided to carry out a survey to the cave and then have plans to develop the tourism here and initially gained some results.

Detecting The Second Son Doong Of Vietnam

Inside the second Son Doong of Vietnam in Bac Can province

The way to reach the cave is very difficult because there is an only small narrow path opened by local people while the gate of the cave lies on the halfway up the mountain.
Inside the cave is freaking gorgeous with extraordinary shapes of stalactites. Many people said that it looks like a perfect version of Son Doong Cave. According to estimates, the length of the cave varies from 5 to 7 kilometres.
Bac Kan Province will invite experts to evaluate the geology, geomorphology, as well as conduct additional surveys to design tours to the cave in the shortest time.