Positive Signs in Coronavirus Outbreak with Over 1600 Recoveries Worldwide

Coronavirus in Wuhan, China ,bright Sides of the Outbreak with Over 600 Recoveries in the World

While the whole world is focusing on the number of infected cases and deaths due to the coronavirus outbreak, we should also look at positive developments during this stressful time. Look at the recovered cases, individual efforts to the collective, government’s actions to prevent the pandemic. We should all be determined to go through this pandemic, and especially the recommended precautions to be taken from health organizations. Here are the latest coronavirus updates and positive figures, along with the government’s efforts to help people around the world.

Coronavirus Situation and Updated Statistics

Till Friday, 31472 cases were confirmed to be positive to coronavirus in 24 countries and there are 638 death tolls nationwide. This seems to be huge numbers, much more previous SARS or MERS epidemic. However, we should analyze these figures in detail to see exactly the current situation.
Among 638 deaths, there are 618 in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak, taking account of approximately 97%. The rest consists of 16 deaths in mainland China and only 2 cases outside China. Those 2 deaths from the Philippines and Hong Kong are both Chinese. Besides, 31162/31472 total confirmed cases are in Mainland China, at about 99%. The followings are Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea with 30, 25, 25 24, 24 infected cases respectively. On top of that, there are 1634 recoveries including 1622 in mainland China, and the rest from Thailand, Wales Australia, Japan, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. All these proofs show that the coronavirus epidemic has been under control. The spread occurs in mainly mainland China and countries which are near the epicenter. Almost all death tolls come from Wuhan and other cities in China, 1 death in the Philippines is Wuhan person as well. With the large attempt of medical staff and organizations, the number of recovered cases has remarkably increased over time.

Coronavirus Situation and Updated Statistics

Urgent Measures and Great Attempt of Governments

With the current strain of the coronavirus pandemic, global organizations together with national authorities have stepped up measures to prevent the strategy.
Urgent Measures and Attempt of Governments

Suspend Flights From and To China & Temporarily Close Borders with China

29 airlines stopped or announced to stop flights to and from China, including airlines from the US, France, India, Canada, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. According to Business Insider, airlines made this decision to reduce the number of passengers coming to China, which is trying to cope with acute pneumonia caused by a new strain of coronavirus. It is expected that the reduction or complete cancellation of flights to the billion-nation nation will be maintained until the disease is fully controlled.
The 6 countries that have stopped issuing certain types of visas to Chinese include Czech, Kazakhstan, Russia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. Armenia stops visa-free policy for Chinese from March 1 to March 31. Italy considered declaring a state of emergency and stopping all flights to China after detecting two travelers from the country were positive for the nCoV virus.
Furthermore, many countries and territories, namely Russia, Mongolia, Korea, Central Asian countries, Hong Kong Special Region (China), have decided to close the border with the world’s most populous country.

Successfully Isolated and Cultured Coronavirus

On January 1, the Japan Times reported that the National Research Institute for Infectious Diseases of Japan announced that it had successfully cultured and isolated a new strain of coronavirus from a sample of a patient confirmed to be infected. The institute said the virus will allow them to develop vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics to better treat viral pneumonia. The researchers plan to study the mechanism of infection and pathogenicity of the coronavirus using the virus they cultivate on their own, and they also plan to share the virus with laboratories in and out of Japan.
The research information comes after the claims that previously successfully recreated Australia and China coronaviruses.
The good news for Vietnam on February 7, Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology announced the successful culture of the new coronavirus. The National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology has successfully raised and isolated coronavirus strains in the laboratory. This successful culture will facilitate the rapid testing of nCoV infections and suspected cases. With this, every day in Vietnam will be able to test thousands of specimens in case of need.
Successfully Isolated and Cultured Coronavirus

Recommend to The Public

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak, governments always put much concern for the public and give useful advice. These are some daily preventive measures to follow:
1, Avoid traveling if you have fever, cough or trouble breathing. Immediately seek medical facilities when symptoms become suspicious. Also, share your travel schedule with the medical staff.
2, Avoid contact with people with fever, cough. Wash your hands often with soap, avoid your eyes and nose.
3, When coughing, sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve. After using paper towels, put in the trash and wash your hands.
4, If you see signs of illness when traveling, immediately notify aviation staff, railway, cars and seek medical facilities as soon as possible.
5, Only use cooked foods.
6, Do not spit indiscriminately in public. Avoid close contact with pets or wild animals.
7, Wear a mask when going to a crowded place or when coming into contact with people who have symptoms.