Traveling with a save trip is a dream for many people. Therefore, let us help you make the passion to discover while pockets are tight. Here are some tips for you to enjoy a saving trip in Indochina.

Tourists in Angkor, Siem Reap

Tourists in Angkor, Siem Reap

* Airfares *
1. Select flights in cheapest time slot
Airfares are constantly changing over time. Avoid choosing flights at weekends, this is quite a large impact on fares. Consider booking during Wednesday to Friday, you will be able to select what they need at the lowest possible price.

2. Try to Get Back to the Same Airport
It’s almost always cheaper to fly in and out of the same airports. It’s not only the flight tickets but the car rentals as well.

3. Traveling to Two Countries
If you are planning to stay in two countries and an airline makes you change planes on those countries anyway, you might be in luck. Check pricing on the flights to see if you can stay a few days at the country of the flight change since airlines often let you do that for the same price.

* Travelling *
4. Travel in the off-season
Planning to see the sights at the beginning or end of the off-season will help you cut back on costs, and as a bonus. Travelling off-peak has the added advantage that you will avoid the tourist crowds for a more tranquil and stress-free experience. As in Vietnam, the off-season vacation lasts from September to December.
You can travel to Laos at any time of the year. The climate in the region of Laos is tropical monsoon region with two distinct seasons: rainy and dry seasons .The rainy season lasts from May to November, followed by a dry season from December to April next year, it could well be considered the best time to travel Laos, at about this time, temperatures averaging about 15 -30 degree C.

5. Mini Tours
You can book mini tours to save on your trip. One-day tours takes you to many different places within the city. Not only will they take you to interesting and highlight places you probably want to visit anyway, the bus driver is also quite entertaining and informative as well.

* Eating *
6. Eat local foods
Local street food is cheap, delicious, and cooked in front of you! Eating at street stalls is not only one of the best ways to munch and slurp your way through the many different kinds of Vietnamese cuisine, but is also incredibly cheap. Pho, a tasty rice noodle broth, costs just under $2 (£1.23) a bowl, and rice dishes are similarly priced. Local restaurants are generally only marginally more expensive, charging under $5 (around £3) for similar dishes.

* Transportation *
7. Use Cheaper Forms of Transport
If you don’t mind spending a bit more time between destinations, use public transport rather than taxis. Long distance buses are also cheaper, though less comfortable, especially overnight. Moreover, if you want to explore the beautiful countries in Indochina, walking or hiring a bike is an economical and healthy way. It’s a great chance for you to see the city and take pictures.

* Shopping *
8. Don’t Get Ripped Off When Buying Souvenirs
Always bargain if you see something you like. Street markets are usually the good places for bargain-basement rather than the “tourist supermarkets” or hawkers at the attractions. You can be trapped on items’ prices by merchants here.
(You may even consider buying your clothes or personal items for the Indochina trip when you arriving, and take your saving home with you! There are some big savings to be had on imitation brand goods, though check them carefully for poor quality.)

9. Enjoy the Local Version
Many essential commodities are less expensive when it’s made in the country you are visiting. What about trying local beer, coffee or food? You might be surprised at how great and cheap it really is.