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Floating Markets – the Noticeable Highlights in Mekong Delta

If you once have had a chance to travel around the fruits orchards, giant paddy fields and swamplands of the Mekong Delta, surely you could feel like you misstepped into the vivid pictures in a geography book. Known as one of two biggest ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam providing the majority of the country’s annual food […]

Top 6 Best Islands In Vietnam To Visit

Top 6 Best Islands In Vietnam To Visit

Vietnam is famous for not only spectacular beaches but also picturesque islands. With over 3000 – plus kilometer coastline, Vietnam own numerous spectacular islets that are considered as the attractive islands. The following are top six beautiful islands recognized by the local and the prestigious news agencies. 1. Con Dao Beach Being an island in […]

Ultimate Guide to Mekong Delta – The ‘Rice Bowl’ of Vietnam

Ultimate Guide to Mekong Delta The Rice Bowl of Vietnam

Many tourists think they can explore enough of the Mekong Delta on a brief day-trip out of Ho Chi Minh City. In fact, there’s so much more than one pagoda and a floating market in this region. Mekong Delta is home to unique ecosystems, as well as diverse communities unlike anywhere else […]

Top 10 Worth-Buying Souvenirs When Visiting Indochina

Top 10 Worth-Buying Souvenirs When Visiting Indochina

Besides the interest in digging up a new culture, taking photos or tasting exotic cuisines, shopping and souvenirs are known as a good way to bring more opportunities to get in touch with local habits in your amazing Indochina tour. Most of the tourists say that shopping tour is usually the last step of a […]

Lao Breakfast – Top 5 Should-Not-Miss Dishes!

Lao Breakfast – Top 5 Should-Not-Miss Dishes!

Besides Vietnamese Breakfast and Cambodian Breakfast, Lao Breakfast is highly recommended for tourists on an Indochina tour. Top 5 Should-Not-Miss Dishes will be your good friend to help you discover super yummy foods of Lao cuisine. Let’s go and fulfill your stomach with unique delicious dishes of Lao breakfast! Khao Jee – Street Food for […]

SIC Basic – Meaning, Characteristics & Differences from Private Tour

SIC Basic - Meaning, Characteristics & Differences from Private Tour

SIC Basic Tour has become a more and more popular type of tourism all over the world recently. What does SIC basic mean, what characteristics do SIC basic tours have and how is it different from Private Tour? Let’s discover with Indochina tour! The meaning of SIC Basic Tour SIC stands for Seat-In-Coach SIC Basic […]

Traditional Vietnamese Martial Arts

Traditional Vietnamese Martial Arts

Traditional Vietnamese Martial Arts, through thousand-year history, have formed and developed even under the ups-and-downs of Vietnamese governments and politics. Although traditional Vietnamese martial arts have been influenced by the Chinese ones, they still have the specific features because of the local culture and environmental characteristics. Learning about Vietnamese culture before an Indochina tour, you […]

World Cultural Heritages in Laos

World Cultural Heritages in Laos

Until now, there are two world cultural heritages in Laos that were recognized by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Both of them are the best representation for the “A million elephants” country where the cultural and architectural values have been created, cultivated and handed down over the generations. Let’s discover the […]

How Can I Pay in Indochina Countries: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia?

How Can I Pay in Indochina Countries: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia?

There are two main ways to pay in Indochina countries: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia. They are cash and Master/Visa/JCB cards. Paying by cash It is essential to know about the Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian currencies before you visit there. You need to exchange your country’s currency into Vietnamese dong (VND for Vietnam), Lao Kip (LAK […]

Love Market – A Unique Custom Only in Vietnam!

Love Market

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation with 54 ethnic groups; being well-known for sea-green beaches, interlaced rivers insides big cities, Buddhist pagodas and bustling markets. Those are the iconic sights which are mentioned in most of the trips to Vietnam. However, there are few tourists, even the local residents knowing about “Love Market”- a once-a-year […]

Off The Beaten Track Vietnam | Ha Giang

Ha Giang Attractions

Bordering China to the north, the towering mountains, terraced hillsides and remote villages of Ha Giang used to be obstacles for tourists desiring to discover this untamed highland. Today, thanks to the construction and upgrade of the roads, the region get closer to the modern world. The idyllic mountainous region around Ha Giang seems to […]

Top Chasing Scenic Attractions in Indochina

Cruise along Majestic Halong Bay

Indochina is blessed with an unworldly beauty that can be captured through the lens if you decide to embark your Indochina tours with a camera. There are plenty of precious photo opportunities during the trip if you know exactly where to point your camera at. For those of you that carry a photography passion and […]

Indochina Tours from New Zealand

Indochina Tours from NZ

From New Zealand, you can completely discover the three beautiful countries in Indochina. Explore deeply into the heart of Indochina, go through the Southeast Asian peninsula with the vastly magnificent landscapes and fascinating heritage of three gorgeous countries – vivacious Vietnam, enchanting Laos and captivating Cambodia. * Visa * In general, you will need a […]

Myanmar National Costume, Traditional Dress & Clothes

Each country has its own traditional outfit which expresses its own culture, habits, and lifestyle. The type of clothes worn by people contributes to the history of their country, its climatic conditions, traditions, and ethnic groups. Not except for Myanmar, Longchy & Taipon – the traditional costumes of the nation show a lot of unique, […]

6 Things Keep In Mind For Vietnam Tour

6 Things Keep In Mind For Vietnam Tour

Vietnam – a country in Indochina region – is well-known for its heroic history and its significant wonders. Many tourists love to come to Vietnam on their long holiday. In recent years, Vietnam tours have been on top travel search because of its ancient and modern scenes. However, visiting this beautiful destination still requires you […]

Most Famous Night Markets in Indochina

Siem Reap Night Market, Cambodia

Besides picturesque landscapes, flavorful cuisines, night market is also a tourist attraction for foreigners, especially western visitors when travelling Indochina. These crowded night markets are always full of tasty native food, exquisite handicrafts as well as traditional games. Therefore, your journey will definitely not perfect without dropping into these exciting places. Below is top popular […]

The Most Stunning Cambodian Islands to Visit

The most stunning Cambodian islands to visit

After touring wonderful Vietnam and stunning Laos and then heading to Cambodia in an Indochina tour package, that is no wonder that tourists will be sunk in the natural beauty of untouched Cambodian islands which is considered as the priceless hidden gems of Indochina. Nothing is better than diving and snorkeling in turquoise-green water of […]

10 Must-Do Activities in Laos

10 Must-do Activities in Laos

Geographical advantages along with the abundance of attractions of Laos make ‘the country of millions elephants’ gradually become an attractive destination for travelers in their Indochina vacation. Where should sightseers go in Laos? And, what should they do? It is common for first-timers to be confused when planning a visit to Laos, so follow our […]

10 Unique Markets that You Can Only See in Vietnam

Not only famous for the ancient culture and amazing tourism destinations, Vietnam also attracts the attention of international tourists by its uniqueness in the diverse market of commodities. Exclusive Vietnamese shopping areas are the hidden treasures of the tourism industry that reflects the unique features of Vietnam. Which can travelers see in those markets? What […]

10 Best Places to Enjoy Authentic Cuisines in Laos

Vang Vieng Organic Farm

Once you’ve set your feet in astonishing Laos, there is no way to refuse discovering Laos regional delicacies. In spite of the booming of French and European restaurants all around Laos, it is suggested to enjoy the pleasure of tasting authentic Laotian foods which are the freshest meals thanks to the magical incorporation of natural […]

Be Aware Of Tourist Traps In Indochina

The frustrating and attractive tourist destinations in the countries are increasingly well received by a large number of tourists in the world. Besides the purpose of promoting measures to attract tourists, the traps move to make a profit of not less individuals and organizations is unavoidable. So here are some common traps that you should […]