Tipping in Indochina?

Tipping is necessary when traveling

Tipping is not obligatory but it is markedly appreciated throughout Indochina, especially in the service industry. We suggest you a general guideline below.

Tipping is necessary when traveling
Tipping is necessary when traveling

Tour Guide/Drivers
If you are satisfied with the services provided by your tour guide and driver, then a tip for their hard work will be greatly appreciated. In general, we recommend around US$10 -15/day/traveler for guides and US$5-7/day/traveler for drivers if less than 4 people in a group. We recommend around US$5-10/day/traveler for guides and US$3-5/day/traveler for drivers if there are 5 people or more.

Hotels and restaurant staff
A tipping of 5-10% of the total bill in restaurants is appreciated. If you stay a couple of days in the same hotel, a tip to the maid service of $1-2/day is appreciated. For porters, US$1-2/time/room is acceptable.

Boat Cruise
If you journey on a local boat such as in the Mekong Delta, Nha Trang, Hue, Hoi An etc., a suggested tip from US$5-10 per boat is advanced – more or less depend on the assembly size and the trip’s duration. For an overnight boat trip such as in Halong Bay or voyage, the reasonable price is $10 – $15 per person per night to overspread al lthe boat crew.