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Indochina Currency – Vietnamese – Laos – Cambodian Currency Guides

Indochina Currency – Vietnamese – Laos – Cambodian Currency Guides

Before an Indochina tour, there is a necessity to learn about the currencies of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia because the local people normally use their own currencies for daily commercial transactions and you may suffer the unequal exchange rate if you use your national currency to buy something. Vietnamese currency and converter Vietnamese Dong (VND) […]

Tipping in Indochina?

Tipping is necessary when traveling

Tipping is not obligatory but it is markedly appreciated throughout Indochina, especially in the service industry. We suggest you a general guideline below. Tour Guide/Drivers If you are satisfied with the services provided by your tour guide and driver, then a tip for their hard work will be greatly appreciated. In general, we recommend around […]

How About the Internet Access in Indochina Countries?

Internet access in Indochina

Cambodia: Internet access is growing in Cambodia. Internet cafes are willingly found in huge cities, but the speed may be slower than what you’re used to. Vietnam: Internet access is extensively convenient in excursionist areas and large cities, which have many internet cafes. Internet access is less persistent in rural and remote areas. Laos: Internet […]