Vietnam is a country with a repertory of traditional instruments. That repertory has formed along the length of the history of the country. There are musical instruments created domestically with local characteristics, and there are the ones imported from many different places but was nationalized as well as localized to suit the musical aesthetics of Vietnam. It is hard to say all of them in an article because there are hundreds of different musical instruments. Here are the most typical musical instruments of Vietnam.

Dan Bau (Monochord)
Dan Bau or Doc Huyen Cam is the one-string musical instrument of Vietnamese people, strummed by a rod or a plectrum. Dan Bau has two types of bamboo and wooden box:
Bamboo: The body is made of one piece of bamboo which is approximately 120 cm in length and 12 cm in diameter. The surface is whittled partly.
Wooden Box: This is the improved version, mainly for professional artists. This type has many different shapes and sizes. The structure is similar to the old version.
The string runs through the body. In the past, it was made of silk, later it has been replaced by iron.
“Bau” part is made of half a gourd. It works to increase the volume for the instrument. Today, it can be made of wood with the role of aesthetics.
The sound of Dan Bau is sweet and deep, love- rich. Not only Vietnamese people, anyone who has ever heard the sound of Dan Bau must have been fascinated by the charming unforgettable melody.
Dan Bau - Monochord
Dan Nhi (Vietnamese two-chord fiddle)
Dan Nhi or Dan Co has appeared in Vietnamese traditional music for a long time, has become familiar and close to all Vietnamese people. It is respected as a precious thing of the country. Dan Nhi acts an indispensable role in Vietnamese traditional orchestra from past to present.
Vietnamese people call it Dan Co because its shape is like a stork: the wire axis bows down as the stork’s neck, the body is like a stork’s body and the sound is similar to the stork’s noise.
In all of Vietnamese traditional orchestras, music centers, there is always the appearance of Dan Nhi. The sorrowful sound of Dan Nhi is exploited in homeland songs or sad songs.
Dan Nhi Vietnamese two-chord fiddle
Dan Day
This is one of the longest musical instruments created by Vietnamese people in Le Dynasty (XV-XVIII century). In Ca Tru or A Dao singing, Dan Day is the familiar instrument along with drum and beat. Besides, the sound of Dan Day is very appropriate to be the background for sad old poems.
More special than other musical instruments, Dan Day has a unique way of strumming, so it can imitate a lot of voices and as a result, there is a diversity in playing.Dan Day in the orchestra