Autumn is always the ideal tourist time for visitors when the climate is pleasant, the landscape is dream-like and poetic, and food is diverse as well. This is the good time to enjoy romantic moments in the great vacation. Indochina is a wonderful destination with dozens of well-known tourist attractions that possesses the incredibly beautiful views like paradise, will make you ecstatic.

Best Autumn Tourist Attractions in Indochina

Hanoi’s autumn

If you’re wondering where should choose for travelling in Indochina because there are too many options that maybe makes you confused, then we will have some suggestions for you.

Sa Pa, Vietnam

Best Autumn Tourist Attractions in Indochina

Sapa in autumn with yellow terraced fields

The mountainous town Sa Pa in autumn is dream-like with yellow ripe rice paddies on the foot of Fansipan Mount, creating a majestic scenery. In September and October is the best time to visit Sa Pa. The terraced fields are like “sky ladders” in the villages have always been the attractive destination of foreigners as well as domestic tourists. Terraced field in Sa Pa is creating a unique tourism product for Vietnam, especially after Travel and Leisure Magazine (US) voted as one of the most seven spectacular terraced fields in the world.

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Each island on Halong Bay has its own distinct shape, unlike any coastal islands in Vietnam as well as none of them is the same. The islands piled up, overlap, interleave together create an extremely impressive and spectacular scenery. Inside the islands is the system of stunning caves, the most famous is Sung Sot Cave.

Best Autumn Tourist Attractions in Indochina

Halong Bay in early autumn morning

Cruising Halong Bay in the fall, you will immerse in the majestic but equally romantic, poetic landscape.

Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia
This is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, recognized as a biosphere reserve in the world by UNESCO. There are 3 things you’ll never forget when travelling Tonle Sap, including the vastness of water, delicious fresh shrimps and the lifestyle on the boat of the locals.

Best Autumn Tourist Attractions in Indochina

Autumn in Tonle Sap Lake

From August to November in the Tonle Sap is the floating season with the most abundant source of fish of the year. Tourists coming here at period of time can feel the simple and rustic life as well as are impressed strongly by the sense of environment protection, nature protection of the people here.

Luang Prabang, Laos
Luang Prabang is the ancient capital of Laos from the 14th century until 1946, in an association with the name of King Fa Ngum. Lying between the solitary forest, the quiet ancient capital attracts tourists by the natural and magnificent beauty. The city has about 40 ancient temples, built under different dynasties, each temple is a cultural work of art with the high artistic value.

Best Autumn Tourist Attractions in Indochina

Luang Prabang in autumn

If the time permits, you can go up the Mekong to visit mystic Pak Ou Caves. Located in the suburb of Luang Prabang, this is the famous tourism spot because there are thousands of Buddha gilded statues with every different shapes and sizes.