Amongst in the magnificent system of caves in Halong Bay, Bo Nau Cave retains the pristine beauty that was granted by nature. Today the cave is a tourist destination attracting a very huge amount of visitors, not inferior to other famous caves like Surprising Cave, Luon Cave or Virgin Cave

Bo Nau cave, Ha Long Bay

The entrance of Bo Nau cave

Bo Nau Cave is from Bai Chay Beach about 15 km, to the northwest from Bo Hon Island, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province. The cave is located on a small region which owns a lot of stunning islands. Although being very close to the popular tourist destinations such as Surprising Cave, Luon Cave … Bo Nau Cave has not been yet affected by the intervention of human hands. The entire cave still keeps the pristine look as its former. The special feature of Bo Nau Cave is wide, not deep that very different from other caves in the area. From a distance, the entrance is the dome-shaped. Many people even imagine it looks like the mouth of a monster with sharp teeth. With an area of over 200 m2 as well as owning a flat surface, this cave may be the ideal place for visitors to hold a small party in an airy, quiet atmosphere.

Jump into the cave, visitors will immediately see three rocks with the strange shapes like three old men bunching together to play chess with a very relaxing manner. Going deeper, visitors may be amazed by stalactites strips gently sloping with many amazing shapes: lush trees, garish flowers, long soft silk strips, flying birds or wild animals…

Bo Nau cave, Ha Long Bay

The beautiful limestone inside Bo Nau cave

Step into the cave, you are surprised by a magnificent “stage” created completely by nature with curtains hanging from the high ceiling, on the two sides there are rocks that are similar to instrumentalists holding musical instruments. Continue entering the 2nd compartment, we will be overwhelmed by the giant rocks in the middle and the stalactites stretching from the ceiling to the two sides. Especially, the shimmer creeping through rocks makes the stalactites become more fanciful.

Moreover, on the way out of the cave, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a stunning picture when watching Halong Bay from the cave’s entrance. Coincidentally and magically, the stalactites hang from the ceiling look like willows falling down the water. Looking further, you will catch the cloudy mountains, small boats with the full-wind sails. Here, a lot of photographers captured stunning photos of Halong Bay.