Halong Bay is known for rock islets with a diversity of strange shapes and the sparkling stalactites inside the caves. Amongst various marvelous islets and caves, but Virgin Cave is still not inferior in comparison with others. For fishmen, Virgin Cave is their cozy house, and for couples, it is a love symbol, the vowing place of love, and for tourists, travelling Halong Bay without coming by Virgin Cave may be a regret!

Virgin Cave is located on Bo Hon Island, from Surprising Cave 3 km to the southeast and from Bai Chay beach about 15 km to the south.

Virgin cave, Ha Long Bay

Bo Hon Island

According to legend, once upon a time, in a small fishing village, there was a beautiful poor girl. Her family had to work for the lord of that region. Being enchanted in front of her beauty, he forced her parents to marry her as his mistress. She refused because she had a boyfriend who went to the sea to catch fish in the preparation for their wedding. The lord could not force her, so he banished her to a wild island to subdue her will. Because she was so starving and exhausted, in a rainy night, she petrified here.

Right in front of the entrance there is a sparkling curtain that has colored by the time. On the two sides of the cave, garish stalactites stretch firmly, showing the power of the Creator. Go inside, the incredible beauty provokes the imagination about aesthetics of human. Don’t know by accident or intentional, the cave curls inside the mountains, sometimes narrow as a stream, sometimes wide as a river, the Creator is so amazing! On the two banks and arches, colorful stalactites with many shapes and sizes together “perform” that make visitors wonder whether they were truly created by nature.

Virgin cave, Ha Long Bay

Virgin cave

The area that is closet to the entrance, a huge amount of stalactites blocks fall like curtains layering. There are many stalactites zones forming a complex of statues, divided into two classes: on the first class fairies are dancing and the second class, imperial mandarins are intently watching the fairy dance.

Inside the cave, on the two sides of the stream there are fresh flower gardens with various kinds such as chrysanthemums, orchids…growing lushly on the rocks and every corner in the cave. Going deeper, we will encounter a gorgeous beach on the stream bank.