You may hear much that Halong Bay is supposed to be a pearl of Vietnam, but in fact, it also owns a huge amount of real pearls because of standing amidst a large sea area that is extremely rich in precious resources. As a result, pearl profession naturally happens. After coming over majestic caves, dropping in a floating pearl farm is seriously worth a visit, so that you can witness the process shimmering pearls “born”.

Floating Pearl Farm, Halong Bay

Floating pearl farm in Ha Long Bay

Pearls are considered a priceless present that the nature bestows to human. And although pearl harvesting is a long-time local tradition in Halong, the tours to visit pearl farms have been celebrated in only several recent years. This will be a great experience in your Halong Cruise.

The pearl farm is located in Tung Sau – a closed sea area which is surrounded by marvelous limestone islands. The pearl farm is owned by Halong Pearl Join Stock Company, who had a big contribution in developing the pearl handicraft in the bay from a normal sea product to a valuable stuff.

The pearl profession here is based on both Vietnamese traditional experience and Japanese advanced technology. Everyday, there are thousands of tourists dropping by here to see pearl products as well as enjoy the stunning surroundings.

Floating Pearl Farm, Halong Bay

Pearl farming area

Visitors will have the chance to witness the process of forming a pearl, from raising, harvesting and producing. Mussels here are raised according to the method of matching bamboos into rafts, and mussel cages are hung up on them. Tourists will be introduced meticulously each stage of the pearl production by the staff. You will definitely feel excited when witness every single twinkle pearl taken out by the skillful hands of artisans. Moreover, the farm also has a museum to introduce the images of the pearl production.
In particular, tourists can comfortably explore and choose for themselves the beautiful, high-quality pearls which are made very sophisticatedly in the exhibition area.

This is a unique tourism product, making the pearl farm become an attractive destination for tourists to discover the interesting things about the sea and the pearl profession on Halong Bay.