Cambodia National Flag | History – Design – Symbol

Cambodia National Flag | History - Design - Symbol

Ever since the 19th century, Cambodia has used a total of 10 different national flags with each one pertains to a certain period of its complicated history. When you have an Indochina tour which takes you to 3 beautiful Southeast Asia nations including Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, you may want to learn about their flags and the meaning behind them in order to gain a better understanding of the countries’ history as well as their belief. In this article, we will provide you with a closer look at the national flag of Cambodia to see what is hidden behind its complicated design.


History of Cambodia National Flag

The national flag of Cambodia is also known as the “Khmer” and it was first used between 1948 and 1970. The flag was introduced during the time when Cambodia was still a French protectorate and was replaced after the establishment of the Khmer Republic. It was then reintroduced in 1993 along with the restoration of the monarchy and has remained the national flag ever since.

cambodia flag of khmer republic

Colors & Design of Cambodia National Flag

The national flag of Cambodia has a horizontal rectangular shape. There are 3 bands of colors on the flag with a thick red band between two blue bands. The red band is twice as thick as the blue band. In the middle of the red band, you can find a white depiction of the Angkor Wat with a black outline. The Angkor Wat symbol on the flag is said to have a red outline in older versions. Cambodian flag is unique in the sense that Cambodia is one of the few countries in the world that features a building on its national flag.

design of cambodia flag

You can also see the vertical version of this flag. In the previous design, the flag is in a vertical rectangular shape with two blue stripes placed at the hoist and the fly, and the thick red band runs in the middle. The depiction of the Angkor Wat is also placed right in the middle of the red band. In this design, the two blue bands are much thinner to make room for the red band and the bigger depiction of the Angkor Wat.

Symbols of Cambodia National Flag

The colors and design used on the national flag of Cambodia represent the country’s cultural beliefs. The flag uses red and blue, which are the traditional colors of Cambodia with red representing the bravery of the whole nation. If you know about Cambodian history and the Khmer Rouge, in particular, you will come to admire the spirit of Cambodian people and know how hard it is for them to rise from the ashes of a broken past. The blue on the flag represents liberty, cooperation, and brotherhood. It is also the color of the monarch and the King in particular. The image of Angkor Wat represents Cambodian religion. This impressive temple was built in the 12th century and bears a great spiritual and cultural importance to the country as well as its people. By adding the depiction of the Angkor Wat, Cambodians want to send a message of integrity, justice, and heritage.