Cambodia Transportation & Getting Around

Travel by boat to see the lifestyle of local people on waterways

Transportation in Cambodia is quite similar but more diverse than that in Laos to help the tourists have more choices for their trips. Let’s discover the popular transportation in the “golden temple” country to prepare before you go there!

Traveling by tuk-tuk

This is the cheapest and most popular transportation in Cambodia so that it is widely used by the residents and the visitors. Tuk tuk of the Cambodian is different from that of the Lao. It is a motorcycle with a rear compartment behind to transport the passengers. Traveling around Phnom Penh or Siem Reap in the evening with a tuk-tuk is an enjoyable experience during a Cambodia tour. Besides, the drivers can speak English, Cambodian and even Vietnamese so that you can chat with them on the way.Traveling around Cambodia by tuktuk

Traveling by taxi

Taxis are not a popular means of transportation in Cambodia. In Phnom Penh, taxis are concentrated in the Sisowath Quay – a striking three-kilometer-long boulevard in the capital. There are two types of taxis: with and without meter counter, price teller (most taxis in Phnom Penh have no counter). If you get on a taxi without meter counter, you have to negotiate the price carefully before going.

Traveling by velotaxi

Velotaxi is one kind of cyclo that is a familiar transportation for the Cambodian and the tourists. The speed is deliberate so that you can leisurely admire the beautiful landscapes along the way.Travel around Cambodia by velotaxi - Cyclo

Traveling by boats

There will be a charming highlight in your trip when you have a chance to going around Tonle Sap Lake by boat. This is the most suitable transportation for the visitors to explore most of the outstanding beauties of the water.Travel by boat to see the lifestyle of local people on waterways

Traveling by “Xe om” (motor-taxi)

This kind of transportation is similar to Vietnam when the tourists can pay for the transferring service with an economical price. One difference is that there is no need to wear helmets for the passengers who sit behind the riders. Moreover, it is allowed to carry two to three in one time in Cambodia.

There will be a lot of remarkable experience in Cambodia and know about the transportation will help you be more convenient to discover in this beautiful land.
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