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Transportation in Indochina is improving rapidly in terms of both quantity and quality. The upgrading transportation infrastructure in Indochina will be a priority for some time to come. There are currently no railway connections between Vietnam and Cambodia or Laos, however, two new railways are under development: one branch connecting Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and one connecting the North-South Railway to Thakhek in Laos.

How to Travel between Vietnam & Cambodia?

How to Travel between Vietnam & Cambodia?

Vietnam and Cambodia share a long border on the Indochina Peninsula. Both countries pride themselves on attractive tourist and rich unique culture offer. In either country, you will encounter friendly locals, impressive attractions and tasty cuisine. Traveling between two countries is remarkably easy, with a variety of ways to travel, including flights, buses, cars, and […]

Vietnam Transportation & Getting Around

Travel by Cruise boat in Halong Bay

Transportation in Vietnam includes a variety of vehicles that support the development of Vietnamese tourism industry. The country has become an attractive destination that tourists should set the step onto because of its glorious nature-created landscapes, hospitable and friendly local people and uniquely traditional cuisine. If you really want to visit this beautiful land, but […]