Da Nang is an idyllic coastal city in the central of Vietnam with full-of-sunshine clean beaches. The city these days is an alluring spot for both domestic and international travelers.

 Danang Holds Upcoming Firework Festival

Da Nang Firework Festival 2016

If you tend to visit Da Nang, do not miss one of the most stunning festivals in the country: The Firework Festival, which will be held from April to June 2017. There will be eight teams competing in this upcoming festival which are from the following countries: France, Australia, England, America, China, Switzerland, Austria and the host – Vietnam. The competitions in turn happen on 29 April, 20 May, 27 May, 3 June and 24 June. The three most outstanding teams will make it to the finale on the very last day of the festival.
Greater, many other exciting activities will happen such as a beer and food festival. Normally, the city yearly attracts about two million visitors during the firework festival.