Hanoi Launches New Telephone Switchboard to Upgrade Tourism Services

Hanoi Launches New Telephone Switchboard to Upgrade Tourism Services

The Hanoi Department of Tourism, in cooperation with the Vietnam Post and Telecoms Group (VNPT), launched the new telephone switchboard 1800556896 to receive inquiries on the city’s tourism in October 2018.

Hanoi Launches New Telephone Switchboard to Upgrade Tourism Services Indochina tours

The switchboard, which operates 24/24 hours and 7/7 days, aims to provide information on Hanoi’s tourism for tourists. It also handles feedback and recommendations on travel agencies and tourism activities to improve the quality of the services, ensuring tourist’s safety and rights. The information provided through the switchboard is continuously updated and standardized.

Since 2013, the hotline of the city’s tourism sector has handled inquiries and provided information for more than 20,000 domestic and international travelers. The hotline also helped to prevent scams and regain stolen property for tourists, maintaining the capital’s image as a friendly city.

However, the growth rate of tourists to Hanoi is increasing rapidly. By the end of September 2018, Hanoi welcomed nearly 20 million visitors, including 4.45 million foreigners. Most of the foreign visitors to the city come from Asia countries, particularly the Republic of Korea and Japan, as well as those in Europe such as the UK, France, Germany, and Norway, among others. According to Director of Hanoi Department of Tourism Tran Duc Hai, besides maintaining the hotline, the tourism industry needs to upgrade the hotline to the switchboard, which is suitable for the trend and professionalism.

The switchboard will support tourists timely and accurately, further enhance the preservation of the tourism environment of the capital, aiming to the goal of sustainable tourism development, building the image: A Hanoi of Safety- Friendly – Quality – Attraction.

At the launch of the switchboard, Hanoi Department of Tourism also implements the civilized behavior in the tourism sector. Hanoi tourism wants the community to say good woods, have nice gestures, friendly and enthusiastic behavior. Tran Duc Hai added that the capital of Hanoi has implemented Code of Conduct for officials and the Code process in public. Therefore, Hanoi tourism is implementing civilized behavior, aiming to improve the quality of tourist attractions and tourism environment.