The Ultimate Travel Tips like a Local in Cambodia

The Ultimate Travel Tips like a Local in Cambodia

How to travel and experience Cambodia tours as a local do? The list of 5 Cambodia travel tips will surely provide you with useful information break the barrier of distinct languages and cultures to enjoy a wonderful trip with breathtaking landscapes and interesting activities.

Cambodia Travel Tip #1: Participate in a Bike Tour

Cambodia is an amazing country to have cycling experience. From the chaos of the Phnom Penh to the calm of the countryside, visitors are easy to fall in love with this wonderful land. From the constant and random “Hello!” from children on the side of the road to the Community Development programs set up by the truly selfless and unsung heroes of this world. Traveling Cambodia by bike is an incredible adventure and should be added to your Cambodia tour itinerary!

Participate in a Bike Tour cambodia travel tip

Additionally, the bicycle is the means of transport to many places in Cambodia, also perfect for your health. A bike will help you to see the best lush green outside city limits, experience the country’s rich culture and varied way of life, as well as reduce the air pollution and traffic jams. This responsible travel trend is strongly supported by million travelers in recent time, so a cycling tour does not harm at all unless your physical condition does not allow you.

Cambodia Travel Tip #2: Experience a Night in Local Homestay

Nothing can beat a homestay with the local family in case you want to understand deeply the unique culture and daily life in your Cambodia tour. Large hotel chains and all-inclusive resorts are obviously really good in terms of comfort. However, it will be a big regret if you leave a country without knowing about their social life and the warm-heart of locals.

Local homestays offer independent travelers alternative and affordable accommodation with a difference. The numerous community-based homestays across Cambodia can offer you an extensive range of homestay options including an overnight stay in a floating village, national park or protected area, local village or remote indigenous tribal community.

cambodia Local Homestay cambodia travel tip

There are many reasons to choose a homestay. It will a great chance for you to meet and communicate with locals, sample Cambodia home-cooked cuisines, participate in cooking classes, village tours, craft lessons, cycling tours, ox card trips and many more.

You will immerse yourself in rural life and help better understand the rhythm of local communities. You also learn a lot about Cambodian culture and customs through real experience. Stay in a homestay, and you will have a chance to observe and experience the local life that other forms of accommodation simply can’t offer.

Finally, you will feel like staying in a home away from home because most of the Cambodian families do not see their homestay as a business, for them you will be long last relative who finally found the time to visit. They will treat you as a member of the extended family. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with the warm Cambodian culture, right?

Cambodia Travel Tip #3: Taste Local Foods at Local Restaurants

Southeast Asia in general and Cambodia, in particular, are well-known for their culinary art and street food. You will love eating so much while being here. The cuisine looks good, smells good and tastes really amazing, plus the price is prohibitively reasonable. Indochina Tours suggests you should avoid chains and imported foods because they carry a larger carbon footprint. And why do you need to travel around the world to eat KFC or McDonnal’s? For sustainable travel, there’s nothing like eating the food that was grown and prepared by locals. Besides, what would be a better way to learn about a place’s culture than by eating its authentic foods?

cambodia local foods cambodia travel tips

Cambodia Travel Tip #4: Responsible & Respectful in Cambodia

With a rational and responsible traveler, the destination should always the focus of the trip. Be respectful. Be responsible. Rather than expecting the people and places to accommodate the tourist, the holidaymakers need to try to assimilate into the day to day life of the people who call Cambodia home. And when you respect the locals, they will definitely treat you like a Cambodian. Because the people in Cambodia understand that tourists may not be familiar with all of their customs, but by showing a respectful effort you will gain trust, friendship, and have a better overall experience in this amazing part of Southeast Asia.


Cambodia Travel Tip #5: Know Some Proper Cambodian Etiquettes

These are things you should know before traveling to Cambodia:

  • Stay calm. Avoid showing anger in public because it’s considered very rude.
  • No public displays of affection and take extra care when interacting with others of the opposite sex.
  • Use only your right hand. The left hand is considered “dirty” and should only be used for dirty duties in the bathroom.
  • It’s considered rude to point by your index finger. Instead, you should gesture with your right palm with all the fingers straight.
  • Never touch a Cambodian person on the head, even children because they consider the head is the most sacred part of the body.
  • Make sure you remove hats and shoes before entering When entering someone’s home or a temple.
  • If a Cambodian shakes hands, it’s appropriate to return the greeting. The traditional greeting, although, is to put both hands near the chin and bow slightly.
  • Remember not to raise your feet high or show the bottoms of them. Even putting your feet on the seat opposite of you is a bad action.