Laos Visa Exemption

Visa to Laos

When taking tours in Laos, the following countries are exempt from visa: Japan, Korea, Russia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, most ASEAN countries, as well as for older people aged over 65 and children less than 15 years.
If not spending more than 30 days in the country of Laos, citizens of those countries and people in that age group will receive Laos Visa Exemption with a valid passport.

Visa to Laos
Visa to Laos

If you are a Lao Expatriate with over 65 or under 15 years old, you have one more special priorities. You are not only entitled to receive a free Laos Visa but also stay up to 90 days in Laos.
Here are lists of countries with which Laos has reached mutual agreements on visa exemption:

Country Listings Laos Visa Exemption
StateLaos Visa Exemption

Holders of Diplomatic Passports

Laos Visa Exemption up to

Laos Visa Exemption 

Holders of Ordinary Passports

Laos Visa Exemption up to    

Brunei Darussalam14 Days14 Days
Cambodia30 Days/-
China30 Days-/-
Croatia30 Days-/-
Cuba30 Days-/-
Czechia30 Days-/-
Hungary30 Days-/-
India30 Days-/-
Indonesia30 Days-/-
Japan90 Days15 Days
Kazakhstan30 Days-/-
Kyrgyzstan30 Days-/-
Luxemburg-/-15 Days
Malaysia30 Days30 Days
Mongola30 Days30 Days
Myanmar30 Days-/-
North Korea30 Days-/-
Philippines30 Days30 Days
Poland30 Days15 Days
Singapore30 Days30 Days
Slovakia30 Days30 Days
South Korea30 Days-/-
Switzerland-/-15 Days
Tajikistan30 Days-/-
Thailand30 Days30 Days
Timor30 Days-/-
Turkmenistan30 Days-/-
Ukraine30 Days-/-
Russia30 Days-/-
Vietnam30 Days-/-
Yugoslavia30 Days30 Days

– The length of stay can be as long as the length of an assignment
– Ordinary passport holders of these countries can enter Laos without a visa, but Lao ordinary passport holders don’t get the same privilege in return (they still need to get a visa to enter those countries).
In addition, Laos grants a free visa to some former USSR ( Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ) countries without having the same privilege in exchange.
Here is the list of the countries to which Laos gives visa exemption

CountryApplicable Passport TypeDays of stay (Max)

*Notes: Be reminded that your passport must not expire within the next six months from the date you enter Laos.
Whether you have the Lao visa exemption, you need to hold a available passport with at least 6 months of remaining value. For visa fee exemption applicants, two passport-type photos are required for visa processing.