Halong Bay is outstanding amongst other landscapes with the system of gorgeous rock islands and caves, Besides Surprising Cave (Sung Sot Cave), Paradise Cave (Thien Cung Cave) is also a not-to-be-missed place when voyaging around Halong Bay. This is really the castle of the Creator on the earth, is supposed one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay.

Paradise Cave, Halong Bay

Paradise Cave

The beauty of Paradise Cave is like the palace of the gods. The cave is located in the southwest of Halong Bay. The road up to Paradise Cave is full of crags, the both sides are covered with overgrown trees. Pass through a narrow entrance, the cave suddenly opens in front of our eyes a quadrilateral space with a length of 130 m. The deeper we enter, the more amazed we get by the vivid and splendor beauty created by stalactites and sparkling gleams.

The west of Paradise Cave is the most splendid area. It is as beautiful as a massive painting in which old fairy tales characters emerge with the softy and flexibility in detail. All of the sculptures from small to large were made meticulously by the Creator.

In the centre, there are four big pillars to prop the heaven. From the bottom to the top of the pillars are embossed with many strange shapes like fish birds, daily activities of human life, flowers … On the northern wall there is the image of a group of fairies dancing and singing. Under the towering arches, garish stalactites decumbent, creating an extremely stunning natural stone curtain. All of that make up the mystery for scenery and excitement for visitors.

Paradise Cave, Halong Bay

Inside Paradise cave

At the innermost sections, radiant gleams with many colors from white, blue, red…alternately pour down, creating a magnificent scenery. One more thing which makes visitors find exciting is that natural ravine flowing murmuring in four seasons, the water here is emerald. Finally, the exit is narrow and deep.

It can be said that Paradise Cave gives us a feeling like just visiting an extremely unique, sophisticated and interesting art museum that was totally made by the hands of the Creator, beyond the talent and imagination of human beings.