Cruising around Halong Bay – the World Natural Heritage, besides stunning magical caves, tourists seem cannot ignore the magnificent of limestone islets. Among them, Rocky Dog Islet can be considered an icon of Halong Bay. Being one of the beautiful images bringing the profound meaning in Halong Bay, Rocky Dog Islet is increasingly becoming one of the destinations attracting a lot of tourists all over the world.

Rocky Dog Islet is not far from Dau Go Cave and Paradise Cave, belonging to the system of 1969 islands around the beautiful Halong Bay.

Rocky Dog Islet, Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

It takes about 10 minutes to reach in Rocky Dog Islet from Paradise Cave and Dau Go Cave on a kayak or a boat. The islet is 8 metres high and stays a little hard to see from the harbor. However, wait until the boat past through the islet, you will its enchanting scenery. The magical Creator granted it the distinct shape standing out amongst other beautiful islets of the bay. The immense sky, emerald water, extraordinary shape, harmonious surroundings…all make up a picturesque scene that we only see in Halong Bay. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a great wonder gifted by the nature.

The local people call it Rocky Dog Islet because of the islet looks like a dog standing for guarding between the sea. Also, the residents consider this is an ideal location to worship the sky, the earth and the vast sea wishing for the favourable weather to achieve productive fishing seasons. The images of Rocky Dog Islet standing between the sea for millions of years has the meaning of protecting the safety as well as wishing the luck for tourists visiting Halong Bay. This is a significant image, contributing to increase the value of the natural landscape here. Your Halong Bay trip might have a flaw if you do not come over this islet.

Rocky Dog Islet, Ha Long Bay

Rocky Dog Islet

Spectacular caves and charming beaches are mentioned too much when travel magazines about Halong Bay, but not because of that, rocky islands are less attractive. And Rocky Dog Islet is such a wonderful location. After being allured by the poetic caves and islets of Halong Bay, you will definitely continue to be captivated by the beauty of Rocky Dog Islet.

Nowadays, Rocky Dog Islet makes Halong Bay become more famous in comparison with other landscapes in the world as well as draw a huge attention of travelholics. Don’t miss this wonderful rocky islet in your Halong Bay voyage!