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Vietnam Cambodia Tour Package & Itinerary – Indochina Tours

Our Vietnam Cambodia tours are tailored with great care to ensure that you get to experience an unforgettable visit. Being blessed with exotic beauty, Vietnam and Cambodia offer you a wide range of breathtaking natural sceneries, ancient buildings with stunning architectural features.

Our travel itineraries to Vietnam & Cambodia also bring tourists a chance to engage in activities that allow you to connect with local people and their colorful daily life. Despite being neighbors, Vietnam and Cambodia inflict completely different feelings upon travel enthusiasts, and it’s hard not to notice their distinct differences in culture, cuisine, and of course, appearance. Spending time in Vietnam and Cambodia is like taking a trip to another world of which splendors leave you longing for more!

Our carefully-designed itineraries for Vietnam Cambodia tours ensure to save the best for you. Contact us now and customize an Indochina tour package that fits your every need and requirement!

Top Vietnam Cambodia Tour Packages & Itineraries

Be astounded in the cultural space and natural landscapes by an amazing Indochina trips to Vietnam and Cambodia will be the most meaningful experience that you have never known before. With Vietnam Cambodia tours, you will discover the authentic culture, explore the fascinating history and get to know the unique tradition of Vietnam and Cambodia on a trip to the most famous and beautiful sightseeing from Hanoi to Halong Bay as well as Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam along with a miracle excursion to the land of temples and pagodas - Cambodia as visiting mysterious Angkor and diverse marvelous sites. Enjoy this Indochina tour in order to learn more about the exotic features of magnificent world heritage sites accompanied by traditional life in these countries.

Discover the best of Vietnam and Cambodia with our Indochina itinerary 14 days! World Heritages, authentic cuisine, unique culture, and picturesque natural scenery all rolled into one. This trip is specially designed for a long vacation in the fairy tale lands of Indochina.

Join us on the journey to the soul as well as the heart of Indochina. Start in Hanoi and end in Siem Reap! Indochina Tours offers Best of Vietnam & Cambodia providing you a 16-day tour package taking you from Hanoi to Siem Reap. Starting off in Vietnam, immerse yourself among breathtaking karst scenery on a cruise tour in Halong Bay, step back into the history of the Nguyen dynasty in Hue, enjoy the ancient charm of Hoi An town and admire Saigon by its endless energy. Continue your Indochina travel to Cambodia, get ready to discover the country's interesting culture and history in Phnom Penh's streets and in the mysterious temples at Angkor. With its highlights, the Indochina Tours will bring you to the delights of Indochina and leave your experience with awestruck magical locations. An expert guide, meals, transport, accommodation are included in Best of Vietnam & Cambodia Tour.

Indulge in the beguiling charm of Indochina as we take you around incredible Cambodia and vibrant Southern Vietnam with our 11-day tour package. Indochina Tours guides you to experience the essence of these two Southeast Asian countries in a way that is as insightful as it is unforgettable. Enjoy the otherworldly beauty of the Khmer ruins in Siem Reap, the sophisticated capital city of Phnom Penh, and the captivating Saigon as we guide you through some of the top attractions in these two beautiful countries. Their differences in cultures, history, and attitude are definitely awe-inspiring and add much more color and depth to your Indochina trip.

Experience the most memorable Vietnam and Cambodia tour in the most remarkable way within 23 days through our Indochina travel package. Witness the heights of Cambodia's past at Angkor Wat, and drift along serene waters to admire the tranquility of Vietnam’s countryside. Encounter the colorful cultures, experience the precious treasures and capture the fascinating sceneries of these two gentle countries. Travel with Indochina Tours for the authentic insight into the prominent landmarks in Vietnam and Cambodia together with a firsthand look at the richness of this corner of the globe so steeped in tradition.

In the days of modern time, the desire to visit a place for exploring and sightseeing is always necessary. Let’s join a 12-day Indochina holiday package to the heart of Vietnam and Cambodia as well as enjoy the enchanting landscapes as well as discover the splendor architectural works that will lead you back to the past and have a deeper sight into the cultural and daily life of local people.  This incredible Indochina trip will leave you unforgettable memory along with meaningful moments which you have never experienced before.

Our 23-day Vietnam Cambodia tour package is perfectly designed for those who are looking for a unique tour to deeply explore gorgeous Cambodia, see Vietnam differently. Experience the best insights into Cambodia ’s and Vietnam’s culture, historical attractions, admire to see the spectacular rice field terraces in Pu Luong and tranquility experience the relaxation on a cruise on magnificent Halong Bay. Be seduced by Angkor Wat’s knobbly temples, aroused by active adventures via deep, long caves, curvy beaches and many more. Contact Indochina tours now and explore all fascinating secrets about these two Indochina countries in your Taste of Vietnam & Cambodia – 23 Days.

Be ready to immerse in the beauty of Vietnam and Cambodia with stunning natural landscapes and spectacular heritage sites in this 8-day luxury tour. Get a glimpse into the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat, discover ancient capital Hanoi, taking a luxury Halong Bay cruise to explore a myriad of lime karsts. Discover hidden gems of charming Hue and Saigon through historical sites and superb destinations. At last, just relax and enjoy your trip with the pristine nature of Mai Chau as well as Pu Luong Nature Reserve. From luxury hotels, delicious meals, local transportation to travel consulting, guiding and process handling, Indochina tours could serve you a perfect smooth luxury experience.

Get an insight into the nature and landscape, tradition and culture of Vietnam and Cambodia through a 15-day tour package that is well designed to bring you the most authentic experience. This Indochina discovery tour will help you unlock the mysteries of S-shaped country through a journey from North to South with tranquility nature, unique culture as well as fascinating activities. Coming to Cambodia, you will have a chance to encounter colorful culture and stunning beauty of the complex of Angkor. Travel with Indochina Tours to have unforgettable memories in the prominent landmarks in the two gentle countries.

From Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, from Saigon to Hanoi, gain truly local experiences brought by this 19-day Indochina itinerary through iconic destination of S-shaped country and the Angkor Kingdom. Visit historical relics, behold the mighty Mekong River, attend cooking class and taste amazing street foods. See two of the World Wonders, one made by man and another by nature.

Get overwhelmed by the amazing beauties of Vietnam and Cambodia brought by this 26-day Indochina tour. Unlock the mysteries of Vietnam through a journey from North to South with pristine nature and interesting activities attached to long-established cultures of the S-shaped country. Spend some days among the Vietnam journey exploring the Angkor Kingdom at two most attractive destinations - Siem Reap and Phnom Penh which owns a ton of spectacular views along with unforgettable discoveries.

Vietnam & Cambodia boast their magic beauty through stunning views of landscapes as well as incredible characteristics of culture. Experiencing those attractive features in 27-day tour itinerary in Indochina will be the most interesting trip that you have ever joined before. With a journey through Vietnam and Cambodia, you surely have many chances to explore the ups and downs of history in two countries, the culture accompanied by the local lifestyle via their daily activities. Discover the land of magic and wonders together in order find how it is!

Vietnam & Cambodia Tour is promised to give you a ton of new feeling and interesting surprises. Our 21-day Indochina travel package will take you to the poetic Hanoi capital of Vietnam. You also have a chance to take a cruise tour in magnificent Halong Bay. Coming to Hoi An, you can wander around the town to admire the ancient architecture and sample the mouthwatering local cuisine. It’s awesome to hit the stunning beaches in Nha Trang before heading to the bustling Ho Chi Minh City. Your Indochina trip also includes a visiting Mekong Delta with the unique Cai Rang floating market. Say goodbye the S-shaped country, you will set your foot on Phnom Penh to visit some historic buildings. Relax on beautiful Koh Rong Island and appreciate the ancient beauty of Angkor area which is the architectural masterpiece of Cambodia. With our Indochina travel package, you will have a memorable vacation with a ton of wonderful experiences.

Indochina Tours offers you 10-day Vietnam & Cambodia tour package taking you to Mekong Delta which is the land of tropical fruits and super friendly people. Riding a bike on the winding roads you can admire the serene beauty of this land as well as taste its mouthwatering specialties. Soak up Cai Rang floating market to feel the bustling atmosphere and take a glimpse into the daily life of local people. You also have a chance to cycle around Phnom Penh to visit some famous historic monuments and ancient pagodas of the city such as Independence Monument or Wat Phnom. You absolutely will be mesmerized by their impressive architecture as well as the lifestyle of locals there. Another highlight of this tour is Angkor Wat Archaeological Park which is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Indochina Tours guarantee you a memorable tour with so much fun.

Things to Experience in Vietnam Cambodia Tours - Indochina Vacations

Vietnam and Cambodia are among the top must-visit list in any Indochina Tours and are two of the most popular tourist destinations for western travelers. With their rich and varied histories, unique cultures and abundance of things to do and see, both ancient and modern, Vietnam and Cambodia tour packages cover almost everything beyond your expectation.

Top Things to Experience in Vietnam from Vietnam Cambodia Tours

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Vietnam Cambodia Tours - Indochina Trips

Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is located in Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi and is one of the most attractive sites in your Vietnam Cambodia tours. It is supposed to be the final resting place of the most iconic leader in Vietnamese History, who was known to his people as “Uncle Ho”. Despite against his wishes, his body was preserved in a glass shrine at the mausoleum in the center of Hanoi city. Modeled on the mausoleum of Lenin in Russia, it was opened to the public in 1975, and the granite building has been a place of homage to many of local people knowing that their “beloved leader” will live on forever. Visitors to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum can experience a sense of reverence and respect for the country's history and culture, and pay their respects to the man who played such an important role in shaping Vietnam's destiny.

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam Cambodia Tours

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

Set in Quang Binh province of North-Central Vietnam, this beautiful national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the result of more than 400 million years of crust development that has produced the oldest karst formations in Asia. An Indochina trips to Vietnam and Cambodia takes you to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park to soak up an impressive cave and grotto system that extends for 70km underground, and its biggest chamber is more than 5km in length. This tropical rainforest area is some of the most important eco-regions in the Indo-Pacific area, and offers many unusual and astounding geomorphic features, including underground rivers, dry caves, dendritic grotto, and suspended cave formations. It is also home to many endangered species of animals such as the black bear, tigers, and Asian elephants.

The Sand Dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam Cambodia Tours - Indochina Trips

The Sand Dunes of Mui Ne

The sand dunes of Mui Ne are two of the most amazing geological wonders that no travelers should ever miss out on their Vietnam Cambodia tour packages. Incorporating huge areas of sand dunes of two different colors – red and white – the site is best visited in the morning or late evening as the days get too hot to handle. The White Dunes are by far the larger dunes and are well known as Bau Trang or White Lake. Unusually, the area also has a huge number of pine trees growing within it, which seem to thrive despite the incredible heat of the day and the apparent lack of surface water. The sand dunes of Mui Ne are not only beautiful but also offer plenty of opportunities for adventure. The experience of standing on top of the dunes and looking out at the endless sea of sand is truly awe-inspiring and is a highlight of any Vietnam Cambodia tour package.

Cu Chi Tunnels, VietNam Cambodia Tours - Indochina Trips

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam is a popular destination for tourists, especially those on a Vietnam Cambodia tour. The tunnels were used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War and offer a fascinating glimpse into the conflict's history and tactics. When exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels, you can see narrow tunnels, underground living spaces, hidden trapdoors, and learn about the various booby traps and weapons used in the tunnels. Visitors to the Cu Chi Tunnels can experience the conditions that the Viet Cong fighters endured, such as darkness, heat, and cramped quarters. Exploring the tunnels also provides an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the war's impact on Vietnam and its people.

Unique Homestay, Vietnam Cambodia Tours - Indochina Trips

Unique Homestay Experience

One of the most unique things you should try in your Vietnam Cambodia tours is learning how friendly and accommodating the people are. For those wanting to observe authentic Vietnam, and explore the culture of this ancient country, and how daily life people live, then a homestay with a real Vietnamese family, in remote areas of the country, is the way to go. Trips to Vietnam and Cambodia can be arranged through some of the local travel operators, but for an authentic experience, you can ask around in the villages and find a family that will let you stay for a few days, for a small fee. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, eat the food they cook, witness how they live their daily lives, and immerse in the stunning beauty of the natural landscape with no interruptions for the outside world.

Hanoi Train Street, Vietnam Cambodia Tours - Indochina Trips

Train Street, Hanoi

One of the least visited places in Hanoi is known locally as train street. It is a residential area built precariously close to the train line in the Old Quarter Hanoi. Train Street is a great place to come for a wander, not just to watch the train come through, but for a glimpse of everyday life in Hanoi. Following the popularity of this spot with foreigners, enterprising locals have set up many makeshift cafés along the tracks. Spend some time in your Vietnam Cambodia tour itinerary to pull up a little plastic stool, grab a drink and chat with the locals along the train street. It’s fascinating to see when the train comes through, everyone has to start moving their things away from the side of the track.

Top Things to Experience in Cambodia from Vietnam Cambodia Tours

Angkor Wat, Vietnam Cambodia Tours - Indochina Trips

Angkor Wat

The legendary temple complex near Siem Reap consists one of the most famous temples in the world, Angkor Wat. No trip to Vietnam and Cambodia would be completed without visiting it to view the spectacular sunrise over the abundant temple complex. Originally built as a Hindu temple, Angkor Wat was converted to Buddhism in the 14th century. The temple is home to thousands of examples of ancient Asparas carvings, and each one is unique and different from all the others. Angkor Wat is the most well-preserved of all the temples in Siem Reap, however, it is also a great chance to pay a visit to some of the less popular temples in order to soak up the astounding architecture across the whole temple complex.

Traditional Khmer Performance, Vietnam Cambodia Tours - Indochina Trips

Traditional Khmer Performance

For art lovers, Phnom Penh has one of the most stunning dance performances in the world, and it is one of the best things you can do in your Vietnam Cambodia tours. The Apsara Show, a traditional Khmer performance, is a cultural dance that draws its roots from the ancient courts of the gods and the kings of the Khmer Empire. The dance is usually about a single theme, usually a story, which is narrated by the flexible movements of the dancers and the beautiful eye-catching costumes. Beyond the Apsara Show, there are many other traditional dances to discover in Cambodia, each with their own unique history and significance. 

Dolphin Spotting Mekong Delta, Vietnam Cambodia Tours - Indochina Trips

Dolphin Spotting on the Mekong River

The Irrawaddy River Dolphins are the rarest species of aquatic mammals in the world and are unique in the Southeast Asia area. These cute, snub-nosed dolphins make an exhilarating experience as one rides a local boat down the Mekong River, one of the lastest natural habitats of these divine creatures. Tours to Vietnam and Cambodia should include stunning natural views of the riverside country landscapes, and guarantees you will see dolphins as they love to swim in the wake of the boats when they cruise up and down in the river. It also is the innate friendliness that caused their near extinction in the past.

Ta Prohm, Vietnam Cambodia Tours - Indochina Tour Packages

The Famous Temple of Tomb Raider

The Famous Temple of Tomb Raider is the only temple in the Angkor Complex left in exactly the same state as the time it was discovered. Ta Phrom was the ideal choice for the filming of the hit movie “Tomb Raider”. This temple is a fascinating example of the power of Mother Nature as the enormous roots have taken hold of the temple, and seem to defy anyone or anything to make them let go. Probably the most photographic and photogenic destination in Cambodia, this ancient sanctum is one of the best tourist attractions you should not miss in any tours to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Elephant Sanctuary Vietnam Cambodia Tours Indochina Trips

Elephant Sanctuary

Visiting an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia is a must-do experience, as it offers a unique opportunity to interact with these majestic animals in an ethical and responsible manner. There are several elephant sanctuaries located throughout the country, and visitors can observe the elephants as they graze, bathe, and play. So, if you're looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience, consider visiting an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia and embarking on a Vietnam Cambodia tour.