Going to Halong Bay, visitors will be immersed in magnificent fairy scenery that nature gifted for this land. They are Paradise Cave, Surprising Cave, Bright & Dark Cave… However, there is an untamed and idyllic place called Three Peaches Beach – an attractive destination for tourists prefer an adventure.

Located from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf about 22 km, Three Beaches Beach is a favorite destination of tourists when visiting Halong Bay. Tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy relaxing moments, to be immersed in the blue water and to admire the wonderful scenery of the sky and the sea.

Three Peaches Beach – Ba Trai Dao , Ha Long Bay

Three Peaches Island

This is one of the famous beaches of Halong Bay with the unspoiled nature, smooth white sand beaches. It is called Three Peaches Beach because here there are three bow white sandy beaches, embracing the mountains, from a distance, they look like peaches. Although being located on the famous Halong Bay, this gorgeous beach has not been reach by many people yet, so it still keeps the pristine beauty.

Besides the unique name, Three Peaches Beach is also link to a legend of a romantic and mysterious love story. That is a fairy tale about the Jade Emperor’s youngest daughter who fell in love with poor fishing man on the earth. In order to live together forever, she stole three fairy peaches so that the man ate for immortality. However, Jade Emperor discovered it, he petrified the three peaches and forced her to return the heaven.

Because the three mountains are situated amidst the sea, tourists only swim on the beach for about 2-3 hours. In the rest of time, the tide rises up to the foot of the mountains, sinking the entire coast. However, the water level here is quite shallow, the wind and wave are also gentle, creating a sense of security for travelers.

Three Peaches Beach – Ba Trai Dao , Ha Long Bay

Three Peaches beach

Because of such terrain, it is almost that very few people live at this island, only tourists and fishermen coming here for sightseeing. Consequently, the natural scenery here is still wild and spectacular, is the favorite place of adventurous people.On the beach there are strangely shaped cliffs, attracting the curiosity of visitors. On the cliffs there is a population of grass, plants and wild flowers. The mingling of high mountains, greenery and the emerald sea creating a poetic and romantic scene that anyone wishes to capture beautiful images for retaining.

Visitors coming to Three Peaches Beach often enjoy the water games or kayaking around to visit the islands and the cliffs far away. For those who love the adventurousness, you can climb up the three mountains to explore the enchanting unspoiled scenery here.