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After the isolation period, Laos becomes a must-visit sight in Southeast Asia for its pristine landscapes, intriguing archaeological sites, ornate temples and unspoiled culture. An Indochina Laos tour provides a pleasant change of pace for travelers with stunning scenery, from limestone mountains to dense forests and spectacular waterfalls. The traditional way of life continues in combination with the rapidly changing world is a truly special experience bound to stay with you forever. Your trip might be difficult due to a lack of preparation; however, we have sought out the best experts to provide useful tips to make travel easier for you.

Wat Si Saket

The core construction of Wat Si Saket

Coming to the land of a million elephants, if you do not visit the ancient temples, do not lean yourself before the mystery of the Buddha statues, you may miss the characteristics of Lao culture. And Wat Si Saket – the pagoda with approximately 7000 Buddha statues is a must-visit place! Together with That Luang […]

Wat Phra Keo

Wat Phra Keo on a sunny day

Besides being the largest center of culture, economy, politics of Laos, the capital Vientiane is also a famous tourist city. This owns a lot of beautiful landscapes, especially ancient temples and pagodas. Referring to Laos, we often think of That Luang. However, Wat Phra Keo is not less famous. Situated in the capital Vientiane, Wat […]

Buddha Park – Xieng Khuan

Lying Buddha statue in Buddha Park

Travelling the capital Vientiane, hardly tourists forget to come to Buddha Park. This is an extremely popular tourist destination in Vientiane. You will surely love the peaceful scenery here with the right is the garden, forest, murmuring stream, the left is the vast Mekong River. Buddha Park is not far from the capital Vientiane, and […]

Wat Xieng Thong – Most Important Pagoda in Luang Prabang

Wat Xieng Thong in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang possesses the most diverse landscape in northern Laos and as well as is the place to preserve the traditional culture best in Southeast Asia. Nature has endowed this friendly and peaceful land with great scenery, surrounded by high mountains and the gentle Mekong River. Consequently, Luang Prabang today becomes one of the most […]

Climb Phousi Mount Seeing Romantic Luang Prabang

Golden Wat That Chomsi temple Stupa on Mount Phousi

Travelling Laos, besides visiting the famous sights such as capital Vientiane, Monument Pha That Luang, Heritage City Luang Prabang or Legendary Town Vang Vieng…you definitely cannot ignore Phousi Mount – the highest point in Luang Prabang. Phousi Mount is the ideal place for visitors to enjoy the whole poetic scenery of the ancient capital by […]