Travelling along with purchasing is an unavoidable thing in any excursion, especially in a cultural-rich country like Cambodia. Besides visiting the majestic Angkor temples, buying traditional products is also a great experience for tourists since Cambodia, the descendant of the powerful Khmer Empire, owns a number of crafts that is not less than any famous civilization. Some tips below are recommended during Cambodia shopping.

Cambodia Shopping Tips

Russian Market is the best place to pick up souvenirs in Phnom Penh

1. Russian Market in Phnom Penh is the go-to location for travellers shopping and watching the daily life of the locals.
2. Visa and master cards are acceptable in most exchanges, but paying in cash is still needed for convenience.
3. Price in markets or street stands can be in bargain, but it is not in shopping malls.
4. Antique is not allowed to take out of Cambodia to prevent the smuggling.
5. Counterfeiting local crafts happens regularly, so examine it carefully or ask your tour guide for selection.