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How Can I Pay in Indochina Countries: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia?

How Can I Pay in Indochina Countries: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia?

There are two main ways to pay in Indochina countries: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia. They are cash and Master/Visa/JCB cards. Paying by cash It is essential to know about the Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian currencies before you visit there. You need to exchange your country’s currency into Vietnamese dong (VND for Vietnam), Lao Kip (LAK […]

Electricity and Shortages in Indochina

Electricity and shortages in Indochina

A hard-solving question is posed which is about the access to electricity supply whenever tourists plan a trip to Indochina for the first time. Do they have to endure power outages? Is the electricity served in every captivating locations travelers visit? The power conditions and shortages in three nations in the Indochinese Peninsula is in […]

Currency and Exchange Rate in Indochina

Currency and Exchange Rate in Indochina

Before sightseeing any destination, understanding the national currency and exchange rate of the country is a must. It is even more difficult for sightseers to find out these information of 3 nations in Indochina tours. Cambodian currency and exchange rate Being a developing country, the Cambodian monetary system has not been completed. Therefore, touring Cambodia, […]

Useful Words & Phrases for Visitors to Indochina

Hello Vietnam

Learning the national languages of each destinations of Indochina is not required, especially when travelers sightsee Indochina with the assistance of a professional tour guide; however, it is beneficial to pick up basic Lao, Khmer and Vietnamese words, phrases and expressions well in hand. Although the crash understanding of these languages will not turn tourists […]

Internet Access in Indochina

Internet access in Indochina

Traveling to Indochina, most travelers are curious about how to access the Internet. In the Indochinese peninsula, it is not difficult to find the free public Internet systems to access Facebook or look for needed information on Google. Typically, free Wifi will be available at public places such as parks, museums, restaurants, cafes, hotels, libraries. […]