The Bright & Dark Cave

The Bright & Dark Cave, Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay, one of Seven World Natural Wonders, owns such a diversity of gorgeous caves and islets that tourists may be easily confused and overwhelmed. The Bight & Dark Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay. Coming here, visitors will see the flawless mixture between the blue sky, emerald water and lime-stone mountains. You will get the great time when sitting on a kayak, discovering this grotto.

The Bright & Dark Cave is only about 2 km from Surprising Cave, near Bai Tu Long Bay and Cat Ba National Park. It includes two sides: the Bright Cave and the Dark Cave.

The Bright & Dark Cave, Ha Long Bay
The Bright cave

The cave’s entrance is arched-shape. Passing through this “door” to embark into the discovery, you will first encounter a quiet round lake that is surrounded by the lush greenery shadowing into the lake and straight high stone walls. The plant inside is very various, especially there are a lot of orchids hang down on the two sides, overspreading the charming fragrance, making visitors feel relaxed. In the lake there are many species of see animals swimming around such as shrimp, fish, crab, corals…On the cliffs, we can still see the traces of fossils of snails which it proves there used to the existence of human here.

As the name, because the Dark Cave is long and dark with a little natural light that makes us think of a mysterious beauty, visitors need to bring a torch with them in order to see clearly the scene. Otherwise, the Bright Cave is short and bright, and you can easily admire the sight around. The beauty of the grotto is the combination of a lot of elements: perfect formation, harmonious colors of water, clouds, trees… Anyone who used to come here will definitely not forget the wonderful memory they experienced.

The Bright & Dark Cave, Ha Long Bay
Kayak inside the Dark cave

One thing tourists need to remember is that while the Bright Cave is always available, the Dark Cave can be swallowed by the tide and difficult to pass through. Surely, you will surprise with amazing limestone islets and mountain in this area. Controlling your kayak and explore every corner of the Bright and Dark Cave by your style.

Besides kayaking around the cave, you totally can choose to jump into the fresh cool water, freely swimming, diving to watch sea animals below or simply standing on the boat and hunting some of stunning pictures of this imposing landmark.