SIC Basic – Meaning, Characteristics & Differences from Private Tour

SIC Basic - Meaning, Characteristics & Differences from Private Tour

SIC Basic Tour has become a more and more popular type of tourism all over the world recently. What does SIC basic mean, what characteristics do SIC basic tours have and how is it different from Private Tour? Let’s discover with Indochina tour!SIC Basis Tour

The meaning of SIC Basic Tour

SIC stands for Seat-In-Coach

SIC Basic Tour is a type of tourism that you will share the seats in a coach with other people tourists. In details, you will get on a comfortable air-conditioned coach or van with other visitors who have the same destination as you. Moreover, there will be an English-speaking guide who can take you to all of the tourist sites in the set-up itinerary. SIC travel will bring you a brand-new experience that is totally different from the traditional tours when you can enjoy a unique and multicultural trip with new friends from all over the world.

Characteristics of SIC Basic Tour

Number of tourists in a Seat-In-Coach tour

Normally, if you want to join a group tour to save the costs, you have to wait for a long time until the tourism company finds out enough the customers.
The appearance of SIC tour has changed everything. A Seat-In-Coach tour can start even from 2 tourists so that you just need to package your suitcase and go.Different between SIC and Private tour

Destinations of SIC Basic Tour

The destinations of a SIC Basic Tour are fixed before the tour starts so that you can decide whether you should join the tour or not and what you can do in those landscapes. Generally, the destinations are tourist attractions in that country or area, which enable you to discover the iconic sites with the cost-minimized traveling budget.

The Advantages of SIC Basic Tour

There are some competitive advantages that help SIC tour has been more and more developing besides the other types of tourism:
– Low cost: Thanks to the similar form of the group tour that gathers a group of tourists but just with the minimum of two, Seat-In-Coach tour helps reduce the costs if you travel alone or in a small team. However, if your group is big, you can consider the form of the private tour because the budget does not have a significant difference.
– Self-control: It is shown at your freedom to end the tour at any time based on your own schedule. Moreover, the tour price is daily-charged so that you will not lose money if ending at the middle of the itinerary.
– Flexibility: Although having a fixed itinerary with “set” destinations, SIC tour still offers you with the flexibility when you can join the tour at any tourist points. Besides, at the time reaching the destination, it is up to you to choose what you want to see and eat. You will not have to follow a fixed plan as a traditional tour.
– Making new friends: On a long trip, it will be an amazing time to make new friends who have the same interests as you – traveling. There are thousands of things to share about: the destinations, your experience, and knowledge, etc. and you will expand your multicultural network all over the world.The Advantages of SIC Basic Tour

The Disadvantages of SIC Tour

– Fixed itinerary: The schedule is set up and you cannot change it. Therefore, you can pick up some favorite destinations and join the tour.
– Circuitous pick-up/drop-off: If pick-up and drop-off at the hotel, you may have a “small tour” around the city to fetch other tourists from different hotels. And if the point of pick-up and drop-off are at the airport, there may be an additional waiting time based on the landing schedule of everyone on the tour.

Differences between Seat-In-Coach Tour and Private Tour

Seat-In-Coach (SIC) Tour Private Tour
Transport/Guide Services    Shared Not shared
Price Cheaper More expensive
Itinerary Flexibility    Less More
Pick-up/Drop-off    Maybe circuitous Direct
Transport/Transfer delays    More prone Less prone

SIC Transportation