Tips for Dining In Laos

Tips for Dining In Laos

It’s no doubt that eating & drinking are indispensable parts in any abroad journeys. Not too abundant as the cuisine of its neighbor – Vietnam, but Laos cuisine is absolutely delicious and special, and still can satisfy the stomachs of foodaholics. At first, Lao cuisine originates from the northern China; over time, it gradually changes and gets its own identity as well as receives the interfusion from the surrounding areas. Achieving some dining tips before heading Laos is surely good for you:

Tips for Dining In Laos
Laos food for lunch

1. Tap water is undrinkable. Bottled water is the only access of safe clean water.
2. Eat only well-done meat, stay far from contaminated food.
3. Most Lao dishes are fish and vegetables as the country is covered by various forests and rivers, chicken and pork are still served. Beef is supposed as a luxury food and tends to be more expensive than other meats. Besides, vegetarian is abundant.
4. Some Lao dishes are the same as Vietnamese and Thai dishes. Besides, Lao cuisine is also affected by French cuisine from the colonial period.
5. Because Laos has no border with the sea, seafood is generally not available except at expensive hotels and restaurants.
6. Lao people traditionally like to use fingers to eat sticky rice; chopsticks are used when having noodles; and fork and spoon are for normal dishes.

Tips for Dining In Laos
Laos Sticky rice and Laap

7. Lao cuisine is something special that you should not ignore. But if you are more homesick of your country’s food, Lao offers a lot of western restaurant in all major tourist cities.
8. Tipping is not too important in Lao. But in upscale restaurants, you should tip for the good service or when the waiter does a good job for you. 10% of the bill is advised.
9. Laos street food looks so appetizing with eye-catching colours. Sometimes, you may encounter weird dishes, but have it a try and it will make you return.
10. Suppose you are not sure about anything, turn to your tour guide to ask for help.

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