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Floating Markets – the Noticeable Highlights in Mekong Delta

If you once have had a chance to travel around the fruits orchards, giant paddy fields and swamplands of the Mekong Delta, surely you could feel like you misstepped into the vivid pictures in a geography book. Known as one of two biggest ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam providing the majority of the country’s annual food […]

Top 6 Best Islands In Vietnam To Visit

Top 6 Best Islands In Vietnam To Visit

Vietnam is famous for not only spectacular beaches but also picturesque islands. With over 3000 – plus kilometer coastline, Vietnam own numerous spectacular islets that are considered as the attractive islands. The following are top six beautiful islands recognized by the local and the prestigious news agencies. 1. Con Dao Beach Being an island in […]

Top 10 Worth-Buying Souvenirs When Visiting Indochina

Top 10 Worth-Buying Souvenirs When Visiting Indochina

Besides the interest in digging up a new culture, taking photos or tasting exotic cuisines, shopping and souvenirs are known as a good way to bring more opportunities to get in touch with local habits in your amazing Indochina tour. Most of the tourists say that shopping tour is usually the last step of a […]

Lao Breakfast – Top 5 Should-Not-Miss Dishes!

Lao Breakfast – Top 5 Should-Not-Miss Dishes!

Besides Vietnamese Breakfast and Cambodian Breakfast, Lao Breakfast is highly recommended for tourists on an Indochina tour. Top 5 Should-Not-Miss Dishes will be your good friend to help you discover super yummy foods of Lao cuisine. Let’s go and fulfill your stomach with unique delicious dishes of Lao breakfast! Khao Jee – Street Food for […]

World Cultural Heritages in Laos

World Cultural Heritages in Laos

Until now, there are two world cultural heritages in Laos that were recognized by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Both of them are the best representation for the “A million elephants” country where the cultural and architectural values have been created, cultivated and handed down over the generations. Let’s discover the […]

Off The Beaten Track Vietnam | Ha Giang

Ha Giang Attractions

Bordering China to the north, the towering mountains, terraced hillsides and remote villages of Ha Giang used to be obstacles for tourists desiring to discover this untamed highland. Today, thanks to the construction and upgrade of the roads, the region get closer to the modern world. The idyllic mountainous region around Ha Giang seems to […]

Top Chasing Scenic Attractions in Indochina

Cruise along Majestic Halong Bay

Indochina is blessed with an unworldly beauty that can be captured through the lens if you decide to embark your Indochina tours with a camera. There are plenty of precious photo opportunities during the trip if you know exactly where to point your camera at. For those of you that carry a photography passion and […]

Currency and Exchange Rate in Indochina

Currency and Exchange Rate in Indochina

Before sightseeing any destination, understanding the national currency and exchange rate of the country is a must. It is even more difficult for sightseers to find out these information of 3 nations in Indochina tours. Cambodian currency and exchange rate Being a developing country, the Cambodian monetary system has not been completed. Therefore, touring Cambodia, […]

Useful Words & Phrases for Visitors to Indochina

Hello Vietnam

Learning the national languages of each destinations of Indochina is not required, especially when travelers sightsee Indochina with the assistance of a professional tour guide; however, it is beneficial to pick up basic Lao, Khmer and Vietnamese words, phrases and expressions well in hand. Although the crash understanding of these languages will not turn tourists […]

Traffic System in Indochina

The main mean of transportation of local people in Cambodia is motorbike

Besides the concern about Internet access, accommodation booking and water and hygiene in the destinations, the current matter in question is turned over in all tourists’ mind is the traffic system in the Indochinese peninsula. The systems of traffic of 3 countries are featured by unique and unmistakable characteristics which will stay in travelers’ mind […]

Water & Hygiene in Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos

It is not recommended to drink water on tap in Indochina countries

Water and food safety are also considered as the most popular concerns for travelers before traveling to Indochina. In general, the three countries including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the Indochinese peninsula are developing countries with the material conditions, the problem of water and hygiene is still incompletely solved. Therefore, it is not really safe […]

Festival Highlights in Indochina

Festivals in Indochina

1. Bunpimay Water Festival in Laos The traditional water festival of Laos called Bunpimay festival usually takes place from April 13 to April 15 each year according to the Buddhist calendar. The festival has a meaning of bringing coolness and prosperity to all and purity of human life. On New Year’s Day, people often splash […]