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The recent years witnessed an outburst in tourism in Indochina countries. Priorities on the list of any travel destinations are always Vietnam’s Halong Bay, Laos’s Luang Prabang, and Cambodia’s Angkor temples. However, many of the best landmarks have not been brought to light yet. Take a glimpse of several following articles to complete your fabulous exploration of Indochina. Such places below should be on every Indochina tour!

Thung Nham Ecotourism

Thung Nham Ecotourism Ninh Binh

Set in the southwestern of the beautiful city – Ninh Binh, Thung Nham Ecotourism (Thung Chim) in Ninh Hai Village, Hoa Lu District is a tourist site that is a harmonious fusion of culture, spirituality, landscape and biodiversity. Surrounded by tropical forest strips on limestone ranges of mountains, along with numerous valleys and caves, Thung […]

Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha Cave, Quang Binh

Whenever mentioning to tourist destinations in Vietnam, visitors often think about Halong Bay, Da Nang, Hoi An Ancient Town… However, it would be a big mistake if the wonderful landmark – Phong Nha Cave is not listed. The miraculousness of Phong Nha makes visitors feel exciting to be lost in the fairy world. Phong Nha […]

Hainan Assembly Hall

From the sixteenth century, generations of Chinese people considered Hoi An is the ideal place to settle, trade. So, they built many Assembly Halls with the role of gathering places for community activities. Over many variations of the time, these Assembly Halls has been preserved in beautiful architectures, religions and customs. It has become an […]

Duong Thuong Assembly Hall

Chinese Assembly Hall is an exclusive feature in Hoian which is indispensable in every itinerary of tourists in Hoi An. Amongst these halls, perhaps Duong Thuong Assembly Hall is considered as the oldest. Duong Thuong Assembly Hall is believed to be formed in the 15th century under the reign of King Thanh Hoa, so far […]

Fujian Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese Congregation

Fujian Assembly Hall, which is located on Tran Phu St, is one of the most popular Assembly Halls in Hoi An Town. Initially, it was built in 1690 so that the Chinese ethnic residents from Fujian, China to meet. Later, it was turned into a temple to worship Mazu (Holy Mother)and the gods of seas, […]

Chaozhou Assembly Hall

Chaozhou Assembly Hall

Chaozhou Assembly Hall or Ong Bon Pagoda is one of the destinations that are always mentioned in the list of best attractions in Hoi An. It is considered as one of the oldest architecture in Hoi An. This Assembly Hall was built in 1845 by the overseas Chinese from Chaozhou County, so it’s called Chaozhou […]

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital Ninh Binh

Hoa Lu was the capital Dai Co Viet(former name of Vietnam) nearly 10 centuries ago, situated in Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province. It’s from the capital Hanoi around 100 kilometres to the north. Despite being chosen as the capital of Vietnam in a short time (about 42 years), this is the […]

Trang An Complex

Trang An Complex

Trang An is a famous scenic spot of Ninh Binh, from Hanoi approximately 100km. This area was discovered in 2001 by scientists and indigenous people. Due to the values of history, culture, science and aesthetics, in 2012 Vietnamese Government decided to rank Trang An along with Tam Coc – Bich Dong as special national relics. […]

Van Long Nature Reserve

Van Long Nature Reserve

Van Long is the largest nature reserve in the northern delta. It is set in Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh. Van Long Lagoon with a rich ecosystem is the habitat of many flora and fauna. In particular, Van Long owns an extremely picturesque scenery, with an idyllic and peaceful atmosphere. Also, you can explore the […]

Temple of Literature

Literature Temple

Temple of Literature is the diverse complex of relics of Hanoi as well as an important historical – cultural site of Vietnam. This is the place where distinctive values of Vietnamese culture are honored and preserved. With such a thick history and a deep culture, Temple of Literature these days has become a significant tourist […]

Ba Be National Park

Spectacular landscape of Ba Be National Park

Often called Ba Be Lake for short, Ba Be National Park was established in 1992 as the eighth national park of Vietnam. The scenery here is so unspoiled, from towering limestone mountains at the height of 1554 metres then suddenly down into the valleys underneath, wrapped in dense evergreen forests, dotted with the mesmerizing waterfalls […]

Bai Dinh Pagoda

Arhant Buddha images in Bai Dinh Pagoda

Bai Dinh Pagoda (Ninh Binh) owns a massive architectural ensemble. It is located in an area of 700ha with 20 structures and holds many records of Vietnam. This is not only the largest temple in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia. Records The Buddha bronze statue, with a weight of 80 tons, which is positioned […]

Srah Srang Lake

Srah Srang Lake

Cambodia – the country of temple towers, always brings many new experiences for foreign visitors. Tourist destination in Cambodia create the deep impressions on visitors because each of them has its distinct imprints, is shown clearly through the unique architecture and stories behind it. In this article, we want to introduce a tourist destination that […]

Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang Floating Market

Within the top 4 floating market in the Mekong Delta, Cai Rang will absolutely bring you a great experience and exciting moment ever. Cai Rang floating market is the biggest wholesale markets of the Mekong Delta to sell and display many famous specialties of the region. Let’s quickly take a tour to have an unforgettable […]

Ho Chi Minh City’s Reunification Palace

Independence Palace

Reunification Palace – a powerful demonstration for victory, peace and territorial integrity of the country of Vietnam, is one of the most attractive places to attract large numbers of tourists in the city of Ho Chi Minh. This is an amazing destination cannot be ignored when guests visit. Reunification Palace, known as Reunification Palace symbolizes […]

Son Doong Cave – The Biggest Cave in the World

The best time of the year to visit Son Doong Cave is from February to August

Located in the heart of the UNESCO-listed Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam’s Quang Binh province, Son Doong Cave is really a spectacular destination that everyone should experience in South Asia. The Discovery of Son Doong Cave Son Doong Cave was first discovered in 1990 by Ho Khanh, a pleasant who was looking for […]

Cantonese Assembly Hall

Dragon fountain on the back of Cantonese Assembly Hall, Hoi An

Cantonese Assembly Hall ranks in top the most famous feudal structures in Hoi An ancient town. The hall not only possesses a big classical value, but also is a favourite destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Coming here and you will definitely be captivated by this fabulous architecture of Vietnam. The hall is located […]

Three Peaches Beach – Ba Trai Dao

Three Peaches Beach – Ba Trai Dao , Ha Long Bay

Going to Halong Bay, visitors will be immersed in magnificent fairy scenery that nature gifted for this land. They are Paradise Cave, Surprising Cave, Bright & Dark Cave… However, there is an untamed and idyllic place called Three Peaches Beach – an attractive destination for tourists prefer an adventure. Located from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf […]

Rocky Dog Islet

Rocky Dog Islet, Ha Long Bay

Cruising around Halong Bay – the World Natural Heritage, besides stunning magical caves, tourists seem cannot ignore the magnificent of limestone islets. Among them, Rocky Dog Islet can be considered an icon of Halong Bay. Being one of the beautiful images bringing the profound meaning in Halong Bay, Rocky Dog Islet is increasingly becoming one […]

Paradise Cave

Paradise Cave, Halong Bay

Halong Bay is outstanding amongst other landscapes with the system of gorgeous rock islands and caves, Besides Surprising Cave (Sung Sot Cave), Paradise Cave (Thien Cung Cave) is also a not-to-be-missed place when voyaging around Halong Bay. This is really the castle of the Creator on the earth, is supposed one of the most beautiful […]